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Iruini was a Toa Hagah[1] of Air mutated by Roodaka into a Rahaga. As a Toa, Iruini carried a cyclone spear and a mechanical[2] Rhotuka launcher whose spinner had the ability to heal.[3] He wore the Kanohi Kualsi, the Great Mask of Quick Travel.[3, 4] As a Rahaga, he specialized in capturing Rahi climbers such as Brakas and cable crawlers. He carried a Rhotuka spinner with the snag power, which attached to its target and tangled up its limbs like a net. He also carried a staff whose movements could hypnotize Rahi.[3]


Iruini relied on his patience and gentle manner to lure Rahi into his traps. His skill was so great that he could track a Rahi climber by the movements in the air. The snag spinners he launched tangled the creatures' limbs in a net and brought them down.[5]

As a Rahaga, Iruini specialized in capturing climbing Rahi such as cable crawlers.[6]

Iruini insisted that Keetongu was nothing but a myth.[7]

When Iruini was transformed back into a Toa, he was thrilled to be a Toa again and eager to use his powers. Iruini hated living in the Archives as a Rahaga.[8]