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Pouks was a Toa Hagah3 of Stone who was mutated into a Rahaga by Roodaka. Pouks was part of an elite Toa team charged with being Makuta's personal guard.4


Fearless and brave, Pouks challenged the largest Rahi, including the Kikanalo and the ash bear. He could launch his Rhotuka lasso spinner low to the ground, upending the beasts and stunning them long enough for him to close in.5

Pouks was willing to go along with the search for the mythical Keetongu, as long as there was a chance to cure the Toa Hordika.6

Pouks was usually the Rahaga who hunted Vahki Hunters.7

As a Rahaga, Pouks specialized in capturing large land Rahi such as Kikanalo and Muaka. He had a Rhotuka spinner with the lasso power, which skimmed just above the ground and wrapped around the legs of a target, bringing it down and immobilizing it. He carried a staff which could make an invisible mark on a Rahi so that it could be tracked. Pouks was familiar enough with the natural movements of Rahi that he was able to see through Krahka's impersonations.4

As a Toa, Pouks wore a mask that allowed him to analyze and copy another's power, although the process took a while.8 See Mask of Emulation.