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Norik was a Toa Hagah2 of Fire who was mutated into a Rahaga by Roodaka. He was the leader of an elite Toa team assigned to Makuta's personal guard.3


Wise and able, Norik was respected by the other Rahaga, even if not all of them shared his belief that the Toa Hordika could be cured. He used his staff and his fluid movements to distract Rahi reptiles until his Rhotuka snare spinners could trap them.4

Norik firmly believed in the myth of Keetongu and insisted to the other Rahaga that he was real.5

As a Toa, Norik carried a lava spear and a mechanical6 Rhotuka launcher whose spinner had the ability to slow an opponent.3 He wore a Great Kanohi Pehkui, the Mask of Diminishment.3, 7

As a Rahaga, Norik specialized in capturing Rahi reptiles and other crawling creatures such as furnace salamanders. He carried a Rhotuka launcher with the snare power, which tangled a target's limbs. His staff could be used to distract his target until he was ready to strike.3

Norik was a brave hero and was the leader of the Toa Hagah.8

The Toa Hagah wore masks carved in the shape of the masks of past heroes as a tribute to them. A standard Pehkui didn't look like a Kiril, but Norik's did because it was worn by a Toa Hagah and therefore carved that way as a tribute.9

Norik's Pehkui was not shaped in honor of Dume.10

A Toa's ability to complete their destiny without their team depended on what their destiny was. Part of Norik and Iruini's destinies was to save the other Rahaga, so their destinies were different from their team's.11

Other Information

  • The product designer for the Toa Norik set did not design the set with the intention that it would be Toa Dume. The possibility was discussed for about 15 seconds before it was rejected. The notion that the Hagah sets were originally Toa Dume and Toa Nidhiki before being changed was inaccurate.12
  • The Toa Norik and Toa Iruini sets were not designed with characters in mind because that was not something set designers thought about. Someone on the story team suggested they could be Dume and Nidhiki, but Bob Thompson said no because he might have wanted to tell a Toa Nidhiki or Toa Dume story in the future and didn't want sets of them yet. The notion that the sets could represent Dume and Nidhiki only lasted about three seconds before it was rejected.13
  • The Toa Norik and Toa Iruini sets were going to be Toa Dume and Toa Nidhiki for about 15 seconds before that idea was rejected.14