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Nuhvok were one of the six breeds of Bohrok, tied to the element of earth. Their earth shields could weaken structures from below, causing them to collapse. They were accomplished tunnelers and could see in the dark, although they had weak eyesight in daylight. They returned to their nests after the coming of the Bohrok-Kal.1


The powerful Nuhvok lurked below.2

The Nuhvok were among the most mysterious of the Bohrok, as they were almost never seen on the surface. Nuhvok were earth Bohrok, hard workers and incredibly strong, but slow to react to obstacles.2

The Nuhvok dwelled in tunnels beneath the surface.3

The Nuhvok's color was black, and their element was earth. They were skilled tunnelers, active all over Mata Nui. They could weaken Mata Nui structures from beneath, sending them tumbling down. They had excellent night vision, although they did not see well in bright sunlight.4

The powerful Nuhvok lurked below the surface and dug mazes of tunnels to weaken the structures that stood above. The swarms of Nuhvok tunneled deep underground, destroying the island from the inside out. Nuhvok were surprisingly strong, and they were enough to overpower a Toa when they came to each other's aid. However, their reactions were slow.5

Nuhvok were the Bohrok of Earth. Their shield could be used to weaken structures from below, causing them to collapse. The Nuhvok were excellent tunnelers but had poor vision in daylight.6