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Shadow Kraata

Shadow Kraata were the rare seventh stage of the Kraata. They were identified by their purple coloring as opposed to their shape, as they could appear in the shape of any of the previous six stages.1 Shadow Kraata could infect masks at long range.21


This purple kraata had reached the ultimate stage of its evolution. Of all the kraata, only kraata of this type could infect masks from a distance. A firm grip could keep it from using its power.3

A shadow kraata was colored purple and could infect Kanohi at will.4

Shadow kraata were the most powerful of all Rahkshi kraata. They escaped from their stasis tubes and were spreading rapidly. These kraata were the rare seventh stage in kraata evolution. They had the power to infect Kanohi masks from a distance, making them a danger to all of Mata Nui.4