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Sidorak was the king of the Visorak horde. In his early life, he was a minor power in a land filled with conflict. He rapidly discovered that by claiming credit for victories won by those beneath him, he could advance in the eyes of his leaders. Whenever a commander objected to the credit being stolen, Sidorak would simply dispatch him on a dangerous mission from which he would not return. This talent for treachery attracted the attention of Makuta. Makuta made Sidorak one of his lieutenants, along with Roodaka.1


Sidorak was the king of the Visorak horde. His spinner power was obedience. His weapon was a herding blade. His allies were the Visorak legions. His preferred tactic was to have others fight his battles for him, or else strike foes when they were already weakened.2

Sidorak came from the same island as Krekka.3

Sidorak's primary power was his strength. Although not as strong as Keetongu, he was far stronger than a Toa. He was an excellent strategist and tactician, having masterminded a number of Visorak campaigns. He was skilled at manipulation, so much so that it never occurred to him that he might be manipulated in turn.1

Sidorak was not a king who hid in a fortress – he preferred to be out leading his Visorak into battle. Deep down, however, he knew that he had not really earned his position, which made him try that much harder to prove a successful and ruthless conqueror. He did a good job at hiding from the Visorak any doubts he may have had about his leadership. Unfortunately, he was not able to hide them from Roodaka.1

Sidorak carried a herding blade which could be used to communicate orders to the Visorak in the field.1

Sidorak carried a mechanical Rhotuka launcher.4 His obedience Rhotuka spinner produced blind obedience in anyone it struck, reflecting the fact that he favored blind obedience from his horde above all else.5, 1

Sidorak's only special abilities were his Herding Blade and Loyalty Rhotuka.6

Sidorak had the ability to fire red energy from his herding blade.7

In his battle with Gladiator, the crimson-armored Sidorak was powerful, but his fighting style was crude, limited to charging forward in hopes of landing a blow.8

Sentrakh would defeat Sidorak if they fought.9

Sidorak revered Teridax.10

Sidorak and Roodaka had to travel everywhere with the Visorak when they led the horde.11

Sidorak wasn't cowardly, but rather aware of his limitations.12

Sidorak was not a coward. He was better at planning battles than fighting them, which made him suited to command the Visorak.13

Sidorak worked for the Brotherhood of Makuta, but was not a member. He was far less powerful than Brotherhood members.14

The Zamor spheres used by the Piraka had the same effect as Sidorak's loyalty spinner, but were different because of what they contained.15

Sidorak was likely physically stronger than Roodaka.16

Roodaka would probably win a full out fight with Sidorak.17

Sidorak was not as strong as a Manas.18

Sidorak spoke Matoran when giving orders to the Visorak. He also signaled basic maneuvers with his tool.19

Sidorak was good at strategy and tactics.20

Sidorak wasn't a bad tactical thinker, but he was cautious by nature. He wasn't a huge risk-taker and he was blind to Roodaka's schemes.21

Sidorak could fire energy bolts.22

Other Information

  • In BIONICLE 3: Web of Shadows, Sidorak fires beams of energy at Keetongu. This ability was not in the story bible; it was added by the screenwriters.23