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The Skopio was a huge, crab-like creature that was found in the Bara Magna wasteland and dwelled underground. At least one of these creatures was fitted by the Great Beings at some point with mounted blasters. Even without them, its size and sheer power made it the most feared creature in the desert.2


The Skopio was a species located in the Wastelands. Its equipment was a Thornax launcher and pincers.1

The Skopio were the largest known land animals in Bara Magna. Resembling giant scorpions, Skopio lurked underground, listening for the vibrations of prey moving overhead. When one heard something that sounded large enough to be worth its time, it erupted out of the ground and snatched up its prey with its huge pincers.1

Skopio were giants, easily 20-30 feet in height. Their heavily armored shell could resist a direct hit from a Thornax launcher. Worse still, tinkering by the Great Beings resulted in many Skopio being fitted with implants such as Thornax launchers and all-terrain treads. The only strategy that worked with Skopio was to run away and hope it did not catch up.1

Skopio were a danger to everything that called the desert home. They were the only natural predator of the rock steed, although they seemed to prefer hunting the sand stalkers Glatorian used for mounts (which were a little less able to defend themselves). Unlike many desert creatures, Skopio did not fear the heat of mid-day and would attack anytime, anywhere.1

More than 100,000 years ago, the Skopio was actually revered by one Agori tribe [the Iron Tribe].1

Skopio were not particularly bright creatures – at their size, they did not need to be. They were totally solitary animals, not even enjoying the company of others of their kind. They ate so much in a day that it was hard for more than a few Skopio to survive within a thousand miles of each other. Skopio had no use for any other living thing except as a meal.1

Skopio had no natural enemies, but Vorox packs had tried to bring one down in the past with very mixed success.1

The Skopio was a creature that stalked Bara Magna. A Skopio's appearance on the surface was preceded by earth tremors, followed by the Skopio smashing its way up from underground through rock and sand. Skopio were able to move underground, allowing them to stay hidden until ready to strike.3