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Toa Tuyet was a Toa of Water. Tuyet did not like Nidhiki. Tuyet and Lhikan had been friends for thousands of years. They had traveled together, fought together, and once almost died together. Toa Tuyet wore a Mask of Intangibility.1


Tuyet could summon fog to shroud an area.1

When Tuyet's plot was exposed and she continued to play dumb, Lhikan noted that she was colder than most ice Toa. Nidhiki thought that Tuyet always looked down on the rest of them.1

Tuyet carried a barbed broadsword and wore the Mask of Intangibility.2

Tuyet did not act out of personal glory. She honestly thought that the best thing to do was to take power and then wipe out any potential threat to the Matoran. At least consciously, it was not about her; it was a desire to protect the Matoran gone out of control.3