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Ga-Matoran were residents of Ga-Koro or Ga-Metru. They had blue armor and often wore blue masks. All Ga-Matoran were female. On Metru Nui, most Ga-Matoran were students or teachers. On Mata Nui, their duties involved boating, fishing, and other aquatic pursuits.1


All of the Ga-Matoran were female.2

Ga-Metru Matoran were trained in both mental and physical discipline, for the two went hand-in-hand. This included things such as how to maintain perfect balance.3

In Ga-Metru, Ga-Matoran caught fish using tridents, which Nokama later fashioned her Trident to resemble.4

Ga-Matoran were affiliated with the element of water. On Metru Nui, they were students and teachers. On Mata Nui, they were fish catchers and sailors.5

No Toa of Water or Ga-Matoran in the Matoran universe were male.6

Toa of Water could only come from Ga-Matoran, and all Ga-Matoran were female. There were no male Toa of Water for this reason.7

List of Ga-Matoran