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Voporak was a huge and powerful servant of the Dark Hunters with an intriguing history. He came from an island populated by a highly competitive and prideful species. Any time any of them succeeded in building in something, his neighbors would grow jealous and destroy it. This resulted in a land made barren and a culture that bordered on anarchy. As a result of his mutation, he became sensitive to shifts in time and was capable of tracking and capturing the Mask of Time. He exuded a temporal force field that aged any power used against him. For example, a rock thrown at him would age rapidly and crumble to dust before ever striking him. His touch could age anyone or anything if he willed it to do so.1


Voporak could be found deep inside the fortress of the Dark Hunters. He was a monstrous being whose powers came from time itself. Any power used against him aged before it ever hit him. For example, a rock thrown at him would crumble to dust. He could also cause anyone or anything he touched to age thousands of years in a matter of seconds. Voporak's mission was to find the Mask of Time, wherever it might be.2

As of story year 2006, Ancient was teamed with Voporak in a search for the Mask of Time.3

Voporak was surrounded by a field that aged anything it touched. He could cause an opponent to age tens of thousands of years in a matter of seconds. Voporak seemed impossible to beat. Voporak worked for the Dark Hunters and sought one thing in Metru Nui: the Kanohi Vahi.4

As of the ending of the story, the Vahi was on Spherus Magna with Voporak.5