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Story Year 2002

The Bohrok Swarms Emerge

  • After sleeping for centuries – silent, hidden, waiting to hatch, and dreaming dreams of chaos – the Bohrok are awakened. One by one, they leave their chambers, driven by instinct. They emerge on the surface of Mata Nui and advance by the thousands. In one place, a swarm of Tahnok crawl out of their canisters and march to the surface of the island.1
  • The Bohrok invasion begins with the appearance of the small, scurrying Bohrok Va, scouts and heralds for the more powerful Bohrok.2
  • The Bohrok immediately come to the surface of Mata Nui and go on a rampage, destroying mountains, forests, waterways, and every other obstacle that comes in their way. It seems as if their sole purpose is to eradicate everything on the surface of the island. They show no interest in harming the Toa, Turaga, or Matoran unless they directly interfere with their task.3 Meanwhile, the Bahrag direct the rampages of the Bohrok swarms on the surface of Mata Nui, unaware that there are Matoran living there.4 The Bahrag do not realize that Makuta Teridax has sent the signal early, so they see the Toa's opposition to the Bohrok as a crime.5
  • By early on in story year 2002 Almost all infected Rahi are taken care of by the Toa.6

The Bohrok Attack Ta-Koro

  • Vakama and Jala are walking through the lava plains of Ta-Koro when they hear a sound like distant thunder. Suddenly, Jala is alarmed to see a horde of white-colored creatures (Kohrak) running toward them, freezing the lava. Vakama and Jala rush through the gate of Ta-Koro to warn the village.1
  • Ta-Wahi is the site of one of the first Bohrok attacks.7
  • The Kohrak are part of the initial attack on Ta-Koro, making use of their ice shields.8, 9, 10 Tahnok are also part of this initial attack on Ta-Koro.11
  • This initial attack on Ta-Wahi damages some of the lava farms.12

The Bohrok Appear in Le-Wahi

  • Kongu searches for a throwing disk which he lost in the jungle. Suddenly, he finds himself face-to-face with a horrifying Lehvak.13
  • Kongu runs back to Le-Koro to tell Turaga Matau what he has seen. Matau explains that the day they have feared has come – the Bohrok have awakened. Matau tells Kongu to send word to every part of Mata Nui that only the Toa can help them now.13

The Toa Return to the Surface

  • Triumphant, the Toa return to the surface. As the Toa ascend to the surface, they can hear the sounds of chaos coming from up above.2
  • The Toa emerge from the dark tunnels, overjoyed from their victory over Makuta and his minions. For once, they are free to enjoy the beauty of the island. Gali wonders what Makuta has in store for them next, and Lewa boasts that Makuta will probably not dare to challenge Mata Nui again after seeing their power. Onua senses the ground trembling, and Lewa wonders if it is the sound of Mata Nui awakening. More, stronger trembles start to shake the island as trees fall and rocks tumble.14
  • The Toa, wearing their golden masks, stand by the Kini-Nui. Sounds of chaos and destruction fill the air around them. The ground shakes, and the air is heavy with smoke. From all around them come the sounds of ancient trees falling, rivers boiling away, and mountains crumbling to dust. The Toa are confused, since they thought they had finished their quest.2
  • Feeling the strong vibrations in their cave, thousands of Bohrok wake up from their long, deep slumber. Energy courses through them, as well as one overriding directive: to clean it all.14
  • The Toa spot a Ta-Matoran lying on the ground nearby. When Tahu talks to him, the Matoran simply repeats one word over and over: "Bohrok."2
  • Pohatu spots a Ta-Matoran nearby, his legs trapped by a fallen tree. Tahu is surprised to find a Ta-Matoran so far from Ta-Koro. The Matoran seems stunned and frightened, and he does not respond to the Toa's questions, merely muttering one word over and over: bohrok.14 The Toa decide to accompany Tahu back to Ta-Koro immediately.2, 14 Tahu slings the Matoran over his shoulder, and the Toa race through the trees and meadows to the foothills of the Mangai volcano.14
  • As the Toa race to Ta-Koro using their masks' power of speed, Pohatu wonders aloud what a Bohrok is.2

The Toa Repel the Bohrok Attack on Ta-Koro

  • The Toa arrive at the rocky plains in front of Ta-Koro to find it under attack from groups of strange creatures, which they assume are the "Bohrok." Red (Tahnok), brown (Pahrak), and white (Kohrak) variants of the Bohrok can be seen on the plain. Smoldering mounds of earth can be seen littered around the field. Some Tahnok [sic, these are mis-colored Kohrak] are gathered around one of these mounds; some Pahrak are crumbling rocks; and groups of Kohrak are freezing parts of the ground solid. Matoran can be seen fleeing toward the village gates in the distance, which appear undamaged. A group of Kohrak advances on the Toa.2
  • The Toa come to stop at a ledge overlooking the village of Ta-Koro and find an amazing sight. The plain before Ta-Koro is in ruins, although the stone gates and buildings of the village in the distance are undamaged. The ground is littered with smoking rubble and gouges; trees and plants have been ripped out by the roots. Near the gates, frightened villagers mill around, shouting in panic. The Toa spot what they must assume are the "Bohrok": dozens of large, strange two-legged creatures with powerful-looking claws. Some are silvery-white [white] and some are bronze [brown], and some are smaller than the others. Lewa sees some of the brown Bohrok gather together and storm right into a small hill, leveling it to the ground.14
  • The Kohrak are the first Bohrok encountered by the Toa.15
  • Tahu sets the stunned Matoran he is carrying on the ground as the Toa rush forward to stop the creatures.16
  • Vakama appears by Tahu's side [sic, is this not supposed to be Vakama?]. Tahu tells him to stay behind as the Toa deal with the attackers. The Toa leap down from their ledge into battle, using their levitation powers to land safely.2
  • The Toa encounter two types of Bohrok outside Ta-Koro: Kohrak and Pahrak.2
  • Vakama tells a couple of Ta-Koro guards at the wall that creatures are approaching and to defend the gate at all costs. Just then, advancing Kohrak shoot freezing blasts at them, but Tahu appears just in time to block the blast with his sword. Tahu wonders what kind of creatures the attackers are, not recognizing them as any kind of Rahi. An oncoming Kohrak snaps its neck out at Tahu with surprising speed, and Tahu barely dodges in time as it smashes its head into a rock. The stunned Kohrak's headplate falls open, and Tahu notices an odd object (its krana) inside. Tahu soon finds himself facing several more advancing Kohrak.1
  • Hovering in the air, Lewa prepares to unleash a cyclone on a group of Kohrak. One of the Kohrak uses its ice shield to encase Lewa in ice, causing him to crash to the ground. As the Kohrak close in on him, Tahu comes to Lewa's defense, melting the ice and freeing him.2
  • Lewa reaches a brown [sic, white?] Bohrok just as it heads for a clump of trees. He leaps into the air and is about to unleash a cyclone when the creature strikes him with a blast of cold air, encasing him in solid ice. Unable to move or levitate, Lewa crashes to the ground. Tahu comes to his aid, melting the ice with his sword. The creature simply ignores the Toa and goes back to work uprooting a tree and moving on toward a large lava hill.14
  • Pohatu points out that the Bohrok are not harming the villagers, and they ignore the Toa unless they get right in their way. It is unclear what their motives are.2
  • A group of Pahrak cause a rock slide, and Onua tackles Pohatu to get him out of harm's way.2
  • Seeing that the Bohrok's strength is in their numbers, Tahu orders Lewa and Gali to combine their powers while the rest of the Toa hold them off.2
  • A Pahrak charges at Pohatu head first. Pohatu dodges just in time, and the Pahrak smashes into a rock face behind him.2
  • Lewa and Gali combine their powers to summon a powerful lightning storm. Lightning strikes all over the plain, forcing the Bohrok to flee.2
  • Onua points out that they are not harming the villagers, and they ignore the Toa unless they get right in their way. Large numbers of Bohrok appear. Desperate to save his village, Tahu tells Lewa and Gali to combine their powers. Lewa and Gali summon wind and rain to create a powerful thunderstorm above the peak. A huge blast of lightning rocks the valley in front of the village, tossing Bohrok into the air and forcing them to flee.14
  • The Toa repulse the invaders in the initial attack on Ta-Koro.9

The Toa Learn of Their Quest to Collect the Krana

  • Pohatu notices a disabled Pahrak left behind. Its head plate is hanging open, revealing a strange green object (a Krana Xa) inside.2
  • Soon, only one, damaged, stunned Bohrok remains. The sloping shield covering its head has been thrown back, and Pohatu notices something inside the creature's exposed head. The Toa gather around to find a glowing, green object inside.14
  • Turaga Vakama suddenly appears, saying they have known, and dreaded, the legends of the Bohrok for centuries. It is said the Bohrok sleep an eternal sleep, waiting to hatch. Once awakened, they are an unstoppable force capable of reducing mountains to rubble and turning rivers dry.2, 14 As the Toa have seen, they are accompanied by smaller Bohrok Va which act as scouts and couriers.14 More importantly, each Bohrok carries a krana within it. Pohatu notes that the krana in the damaged Bohrok looks like a mask.14 Vakama explains that the krana gives the Bohrok power and direction, but it is also a Bohrok's weakness, as any Bohrok can be humbled if parted from its krana.2, 14 Vakama does not know if the krana come from Makuta.14 Vakama goes on to describe the six Bohrok swarms. Vakama explains that now that the Bohrok swarms have awakened, the Toa must collect the eight breeds of krana from each Bohrok swarm, which will unlock the secret to the Bohrok's defeat.2, 14 The krana in the fallen Bohrok is one of the Krana Xa, the swarm commander.17 Tahu asks Vakama how he knows so much about the Bohrok, but Vakama tells him there will be time later to reveal all. Vakama warns that when worn, krana can steal the mind.2 Vakama cannot explain why collecting the krana will work, only that it was foretold.14 Tahu picks up and examines the krana. He tells the other Toa to return to their villages and gather the krana.2, 14 Gali protests that their fight against the Rahi taught them they are more powerful when they work together, but Tahu believes the Toa need to meet the Bohrok all over Mata Nui, wherever they are. Amazingly, Kopaka agrees with Tahu, and Gali gives in, suggesting the Toa plan to meet again soon. Before the Toa go, Vakama warns that when worn, the krana can steal the mind.14
  • Vakama reveals information about the Bohrok only after they have appeared on the island.18
  • The Toa learn about the Bohrok from the Turaga. Some of the Toa question why they were not told about the Bohrok before the swarms appeared on the island.19 The Turaga pretend not to know about Bohrok to protect the secret of Metru Nui.20

Pohatu Defends Po-Koro from the Pahrak

  • Pohatu is the first of the Toa to reach his own village. As he draws near Po-Koro, he realizes that the land before him looks much different, apparently visited by the Bohrok. In the distance, he can see a swarm of Pahrak moving along the Path of Prophecies, closing in on the gates of Po-Koro. Pohatu races forward to the village. He leaps over a fallen monument and finds Turaga Onewa struggling against a Pahrak, trying to keep it from knocking over another monument. However, the Pahrak hardly seems to notice his blows; it simply pushes past Onewa and crashes against the carving. Pohatu tells Onewa to stand aside, and Onewa greets him with relief. Pohatu tells Onewa to abandon the monuments and focus on protecting the village itself. Onewa hurries off to tell the others and protect the village gates, whatever it takes. Pohatu looks around and sees Pahrak everywhere, too many to count. Remembering his task to collect the krana, he leaps onto the back of a Pahrak. He manages to hold on despite the Pahrak's thrashing, until the Pahrak passes under a carved stone arch and scrapes him off. The Pahrak immediately moves on to trying to push a carved Rahi monument over. Pohatu races to the opposite side of the stone and pushes against it. With a powerful kick, he topples the stone onto the Pahrak, trapping it underneath. He opens its headplate and takes its krana, which he is pleased to see is different in shape from the one the Toa collected by Ta-Koro. Pohatu gets to work collecting more krana from the Pahrak.14
  • Pohatu manages to collect a few more krana, although he is unable to drive off the Pahrak swarms.14
  • A while later, Pohatu hears a Matoran at the lookout post atop the village gates shout that more are coming. Pohatu climbs up to the lookout post [with his climbing claws, sic] and sees that a swarm of Lehvak are heading toward the village, melting everything in their path with acid. Having already failed to drive the Pahrak away, Pohatu is dismayed to see that more Bohrok will be joining the fight. Still, seeing no other option, he leaps down to meet the Lehvak in defense of the village.14

Onua Defends Onu-Koro from the Nuhvok

  • Onua walks through a tunnel leading toward Onu-Koro. He hears a faint, unfamiliar clanging sound to his left – a probable sign of Bohrok. He burrows through the wall where he hears the noise. On the other side, he finds himself in a cavern not far from the gates to Onu-Koro, filled with Bohrok. He watches as the Bohrok, which he recognizes as Nuhvok, drill small tunnels into the walls and collapse parts of the cave. Onua leaps forward and grabs the nearest Nuhvok, but it tosses him aside with surprising strength. Onua then grabs it by the leg and flips it over, knocking its faceplate open. He takes its krana, which is a different shape from the one the Toa saw outside Ta-Koro.14
  • Over the next few minutes, Onua manages to gather several more krana. The task is not easy – the Bohrok are strong, and whenever one comes to another's aid, Onua finds himself overpowered. Several times, only the Nuhvok's slow reactions save him.14
  • Onua eventually decides this is taking too long and forms a different plan. He notices that the Nuhvok are totally focused on the task of destroying the cavern, hardly able to be distracted. The Nuhvok are methodically taking down the several columns supporting the cavern's roof. Onua races to the center of the room and quickly digs a trench around a group of columns, making sure it is the right width to trap the round bodies of the Bohrok within its wedge. Before long, several Nuhvok turn their attention to these remaining columns. One pauses at the edge of the trench, and Onua shoves it into the pit. It gets stuck between the walls and flails helplessly as Onua easily opens its faceplate and removes its krana. Several more determined Nuhvok fall for the same trick, and soon Onua has collected a full set of krana.14
  • A Nuhvok Va suddenly lets out a scream and races toward Onua. The Nuhvok Va ignores him and stops in the middle of the cavern. While it continues to emit its screech, all of the Nuhvok stop what they are doing and face the Nuhvak Va. Then, as if with one mind, they scatter in different directions, leaving Onua alone and puzzled.14
  • Nuparu leaves Onu-Koro to check the surface.14
  • Onua hurries to the outskirts of Onu-Koro and gazes across the tunnel that surrounds the village. To his relief, the caverns on the other side look untouched. Onua calls out to Whenua, who appears almost right away. Onua confirms the rumors that the Bohrok swarms have emerged. Whenua starts to explain that Nuparu has left for the surface, but Onua hushes Whenua mid-sentence when he senses a rumbling. Suddenly, a raging tidal wave roars into the cavern from the next tunnel, sweeping away Matoran and loose objects. Onua is blown off his feet, and he manages to cling to a rock dwelling to avoid being swept away. After a few seconds, the water recedes as the flood moves into deeper tunnels. To Onua's dismay, the flood has swept away the village's items and decorations and strewn debris all over, although the basic structure of the stone buildings remains intact. Whenua emerges from the doorway he used for safety and decides the villagers must be evacuated to the surface. Onua agrees, believing they should seek out the other Toa and villages to match the Bohrok's numbers.14

The Lehvak Capture Le-Koro

  • The Le-Matoran get in the way of the Bohrok, causing the Bohrok to replace their masks with krana to help the swarm instead.21
  • Le-Koro's disguise is not enough to fool the Bohrok. The Lehvak heavily damage the village.22 Le-Koro is badly damaged by the Bohrok.23
  • In one of the most devastating attacks of the Bohrok invasion, the Bohrok capture almost the entire population of Le-Koro, including Matau and Lewa. Those captured are forced to wear Krana in place of their masks, which puts them under the influence of the swarm. The Lehvak are responsible for destroying Le-Koro and capturing all but two of the Le-Matoran. The Nuhvok use their earth shields in their successful invasion of Le-Koro. Le-Koro is badly damaged by the Lehvak.3, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 Kongu and Tamaru are the only two Le-Matoran to avoid capture.29
  • Le-Wahi suffers badly from the Lehvak during the Bohrok invasion.30 Lehvak are responsible for the destruction of Le-Koro.31 Nuhvok assist the Lehvak in the attack on Le-Koro.32 Le-Koro is destroyed.14
  • The Lehvak swarm succeeds in leveling the village of Le-Koro. They take over Turaga Matau and the Le-Matoran.17
  • The Lehvak capture the Le-Matoran and infect them by replacing their masks with krana.14

The Bohrok Capture Lewa

  • Lewa swings through the trees at the outskirts of Le-Koro, praying the Bohrok have not yet reached the village. When he comes in for a landing, he is greeted ominously by Turaga Matau, whose mask has been replaced with a red Krana Za. Behind Matau is a host of Le-Matoran wearing red krana, along with a swarm of Lehvak. Smoke rises from the jungle behind them.2
  • Lewa bounds through the treetops toward Le-Koro, hoping to reach the village before the Bohrok. He spots smoke rising from the vicinity of the village. Worried, Lewa quickens his pace and alights at the edge of a clearing as he nears the village. He is surprised to find that the clearing is filled with Le-Matoran, with Turaga Matau standing at the head of the crowd, clutching his Kau Kau staff as usual. In place of their masks, Matau and the Le-Matoran are wearing glowing masks, pulsing from green to orange. Behind them, plumes of smoke rise, blocking the view of the village above. In a monotone voice, Matau ominously greets Lewa, saying they have been waiting for him.14
  • The infected Le-Matoran tell Lewa that they are only trapped physically, that they need the strength of a Toa to remove the krana from their faces. Lewa believes them, in too much of a hurry to remember Vakama's warning that the krana can steal the mind. Lewa jumps straight to the task, but before he knows it, his Kanohi mask is snatched away from one side, and someone places a krana on his face from the other. By the time Lewa realizes what is going on, he has already been infected.14
  • The same day the Lehvak sweep away Le-Koro, they capture Lewa as well. Lewa could resist, but the Lehvak have already taken over Matau and the Le-Matoran, so challenging the Bohrok might place his friends in danger. The Bohrok capture Lewa and replace his Mask of Power with a parasitic krana to make him one of them.17
  • Within a few weeks before Tahu and Lewa's adventure in Le-Wahi in Tales of the Masks Lewa is taken over by the Bohrok.17

Gali Fights the Tahnok in Le-Wahi on the Way to Ga-Koro

  • Gali's route to her village takes her through Lewa's jungle-covered range. As she enters the shade of the tree canopy, she senses a disturbance in the jungle. Something approaches, and a blast of heat hits her, and a dead tree trunk bursts into flame. More than a dozen Tahnok burst out of the woods. One of them sends a blast of flame at a lush Vuata Maca tree. The fire scorches parts of the trunk, but the dripping branches do not catch fire. The Tahnok rams the tree, but the Vuata Maca's deep roots hold up against its attack. Other Tahnok are having similar problems, as Gali watches in sly amusement. The Tahnok Va at the head of the swarm pauses, holding its firestaff aloft. Then it turns and scampers off toward the northwest, apparently heading toward Pohatu's village. Gali decides to thin the Tahnok's numbers before they reach Pohatu. Gathering her elemental energies, Gali swings on a vine and lands in front of the Tahnok. The keep moving, determined to bowl right over her. Gali unleashes a rainstorm on the Tahnok, extinguishing their flame and turning the swampy ground wet and soft. The Tahnok take cover under the trees. The Tahnok at the head of the swarm tries to step into a marshy spot in the ground, only to get stuck in the wet, sucking soil. The Tahnok cannot help but keep sinking into the ground, and Gali uses a vine to open its headplate. She retrieves its krana; as soon as she removes it, the Tahnok stops struggling, yet the krana itself feels alive. Gali realizes that the Bohrok themselves do not really live, but are merely vehicles for the true life force of the krana. Gali races toward the coastline, anxious to reach her village. She decides that once she is sure that her villagers are safe, she will return to the other Toa so they can figure out a way to stop the Bohrok together.14
  • In the jungle, Gali captures a Tahnok in a trap made of vines suspended from a tree.13

Kopaka Returns to Ko-Koro

  • After leaving the other Toa, Kopaka hurries to Ko-Koro. Thanks to its hidden location, the Bohrok have not come upon it yet.14
  • When Kopaka explores Ko-Wahi further, he quickly realizes he is too late – the Bohrok are already there. Tahnok have melted the Three Brothers Bridge into a puddle and charred a nearby valley covered in snow moss.14
  • Kopaka trails the Tahnok to the slops of Mount Ihu. He battles the swarm with all of his power. Eventually he manages to freeze one's fire shield in a block of ice, and the others scatter in search of easier targets.14

The Tahnok Destroy Ko-Koro

  • Tahnok attack Ko-Koro.33
  • It is only a matter of time before more Bohrok break through to Ko-Koro and finish what they started. They melt away the village as if it had never been.34
  • Kopaka is tempted to stay with his villagers and lead them into battle, but he decides that if the other Toa have discovered any important information about the enemy, he should be sure to find out. He heads to Po-Wahi first.14

The Gahlok Flood Onu-Koro

  • The Gahlok's most successful strike is the flooding of Onu-Koro. They use their water shields to flood the village.35, 36, 37 The flood caused by the Bohrok damages Onu-Koro.38 The Gahlok are best known in the invasion for flooding Onu-Koro.39
  • The Ussalry is instrumental in defending Onu-Koro against the Bohrok.40
  • Onu-Wahi suffers serious damage during the Bohrok invasion.41
  • In his best-known contribution on Mata Nui, Nuparu invents the Boxor, which the Matoran use to defend themselves against the invading Bohrok and Bohrok Va.42, 43

The Bohrok Rampage Across Mata Nui

  • Swarms of Bohrok sweep over the island, bringing chaos wherever they go. They use their elemental powers to crumble mountains, level jungles, and turn rivers to dust. Along with their smaller helpers, the Bohrok Va, they are a menace beyond anything the Toa have ever known.44 In the tens of thousands, the Bohrok swarm across Mata Nui. Mountains crumble, forests fall, and rivers turn to dust before them. The Toa Mata are overwhelmed, trying to fight everywhere at once. Nonetheless, they have their successes, such as discovering that the Bohrok are helpless without the krana.45
  • Swarms of Bohrok appear everywhere on Mata Nui, bringing chaos to the island. It seems they might succeed where all the might of Makuta failed.13
  • The Toa and Matoran mobilize against the Bohrok, battling them all across the island.3 During their battle with the Bohrok, the Toa collect the eight forms of Krana from each Bohrok species. Matoran also collect Krana from Bohrok as a means to render the mechanoids helpless.46
  • To save Mata Nui, the Toa challenge the Bohrok, setting traps to capture them and gathering their krana.13
  • To defeat the Bohrok, the Toa gather their krana.47
  • During the Bohrok invasion, Tahu begins to display a recklessness and lack of patience which grates on Kopaka's nerves.48
  • The Bohrok Va are active throughout Mata Nui, clashing frequently with Matoran but rarely with Toa.49
  • Tahnok are most often sighted in the southern jungles, northern rocky plains, and icy wastes of central Mata Nui.2
  • The Tahnok use their fire shields in attacks on Ta-Koro, Po-Koro, and elsewhere.50
  • Tahnok are most often seen near Po-Koro and Ko-Koro.51
  • Tahnok attack both Ta-Koro and Po-Koro during the invasion.52
  • Pahrak can be found throughout Mata Nui, using their control of stone to crumble mountains to dust.2
  • Pahrak are seen all over Mata Nui.53
  • Nuhvok are among the most mysterious of the Bohrok, as they are almost never seen on the surface.2
  • Nuhvok are active all over Mata Nui.54
  • No place on the island is spared the Lehvak's presence. Lehvak are rarely sighted in large numbers.2
  • Lehvak can be found anywhere on Mata Nui, but they are best known for the damage they do to Le-Koro.55
  • Kohrak are most often spotted in valleys, lava plains, and open land.2
  • The Kohrak spend much of their time on the lava plains and in the valleys of Ta-Wahi.9
  • Gahlok are most often seen in the lowlands and near the rivers of Ga-Koro.2
  • The Gahlok are most often seen in Ga-Wahi.35
  • Gahlok are usually found near Ga-Koro or Onu-Koro.56
  • Even the Bohrok avoid the Place of Shadow between Ta-Wahi and Ko-Wahi.57, 17
  • The Ko-Matoran aid many other villages in the struggle against the Bohrok.58
  • The activities of the Bohrok force the Ghekula to migrate from the swamps beneath Le-Koro. Many of them are seeking the calmer waters near Ga-Koro.59, 60
  • The Gahlok drive a number of Keras onto the beaches of Mata Nui. Volunteers from the Onu-Matoran Ussalry help the villagers of Ga-Koro tame a few as partners in the struggle against the Bohrok swarms. Outfitted with special riding plates, these fierce and clever crabs can carry riders across both sea and land. They contentedly serve as defenders of the village in exchange for shelter from the sun and a meal of fresh fish.61
  • The Matoran learn that the Bohrok do not truly live. They salvage parts from fallen Bohrok to build the boxor vehicles.62
  • A Bohrok squad tries to build a dam to cut off the waters that feed Gali's Bay, but Gali drives them off.17
  • The Bohrok appear all over Mata Nui, bringing chaos in their wake. While the Matoran see to the defenses of their villages, the Toa begin their quest to obtain the krana of the Bohrok. The swarms are fierce and powerful, and the Toa soon learn that might is not the answer to this crisis. It will take all their wisdom, cunning, and skill to trap the Bohrok long enough to obtain the krana, which are the key to the ultimate defeat of the swarms. Meanwhile, the disappearance of Lewa causes concern among the other Toa.63
  • Upon realizing that Tahnok Va are not living creatures, the Ta-Matoran divert a lava stream into the path of some of the couriers and melt them.64
  • Many Kohrak and Pahrak lose their krana, which is presumably the work of the Toa.63

Lewa Is Enslaved by the Swarm

  • While wearing the krana, Lewa can hear the voices of the Bohrok swarm.62 For a brief time, Lewa's mind is filled with thoughts that are not his own. They are the voices of the swarm, commanding him to help them complete their task on Mata Nui.17
  • Lewa wanders through the jungle, possessed by a confusing urge to "clean it all." He feels that the trees, rocks, and earth around him are all clutter. He trips over the root of a Bula tree. Without realizing it, he tears the root free from the ground, uncertain why he is doing so, or what his strange thoughts mean. He finds himself raising his arms and summons a strong gale, which tears the Bula tree straight out of the ground. Lewa moves on, still plagued by the overriding command to "clean it all."14

Hafu and Pohatu Defend Po-Koro from the Tahnok

  • After the initial attack on Ta-Koro The Tahnok mount an attack on Po-Koro.11
  • In his greatest moment, Hafu sacrifices some of his most beautiful statues to block the entryway to Po-Koro against the invading Tahnok.65

The Tahnok Overrun Po-Koro

  • The Po-Matoran temporarily flee their village and take up residence in caves.66
  • In some canyons in Po-Wahi, Matoran live in the caves above, but they are driven away by the Bohrok. [It seems like Pohatu was referring to permanent residences, although I can't be sure.]62
  • Onewa leads the Po-Matoran across the coast to Ga-Koro in order to avoid the Tahnok.67

The Toa Prepare a Trap in Tiro Canyon

  • Pohatu plans a trap for a swarm of Tahnok in a canyon.63
  • Kopaka travels to Po-Wahi first, lingering there just long enough to lend some help to Pohatu, Gali, and Onua, who are fending off a swarm of Tahnok.14
  • Afterward, Kopaka goes to see if Tahu is well.14
  • Onua meets up with Pohatu and Gali by Po-Koro and helps them set a trap for a swarm of marauding Tahnok. Kopaka has already departed to check on Tahu, which leaves Lewa the only Toa unaccounted for. Onua leaves Pohatu and Gali to spring the trap themselves, while he sets out to find Lewa.14
  • Onua digs a tunnel from the canyon wall to the sea.63
  • After Onua digs the tunnel, Kopaka freezes the tunnel entrance solid, like plugging a hole in a dam.63
  • Pohatu, Onua, Kopaka, and Gali team together to trap a swarm of Tahnok in Tiro Canyon and take their Krana.68, 69, 70
  • Pohatu and Gali defeat a Tahnok swarm.14

Kopaka Discovers the Bohrok Nest

  • On his way to check on Tahu, Kopaka spies a lone Tahnok Va climbing down a mountain toward the interior section of the island. Intrigued, he decides to follow it.14
  • The Tahnok Va leads Kopaka down through the foothills of Mount Ihu into the area of cold, rocky plains lying between Ko-Wahi and Le-Wahi. It continues on until it reaches a flat, low-lying area littered with enormous boulders.14
  • Kopaka hides behind a boulder and turns around just in time to dodge a stream of acid, which burns through the rock behind him. A swarm of Lehvak advance on Kopaka, melting everything in their path with their acid. Kopaka prepares to defend himself, but the Lehvak ignore him, moving on to the east toward Le-Wahi, whose treetops are visible in the distance.14
  • Kopaka turns to check on the Tahnok Va he was following, but it is nowhere to be found, despite being in a mostly open area. From atop a boulder, Kopaka looks around and spots a ring of especially large boulders. As he approaches, Kopaka spots a Pahrak Va heading toward the same circle of boulders and watches as it squeezes into a crevice between the two largest rocks. Determined to find out what these Bohrok Va are up to, Kopaka waits patiently for them to reappear. Soon, more Bohrok arrive and disappear within the circle of rocks. Now that half a dozen Bohrok must be in the circle, Kopaka prepares to follow them inside. To his surprise, dozens of Bohrok come pouring out of the rock circle, scattering in all directions. A swarm of Tahnok passes right below him. Kopaka realizes that there must be a tunnel hidden in the middle of the boulders. The stream of Bohrok stops suddenly, and the creatures disappear, each swarm heading for a different region of Mata Nui. Kopaka leaps down to the circle of boulders and finds an entrance burned straight through one of the rocks. Stepping inside, he is shocked to find an enormous, yawning chasm in the ground. It plunges straight down into the earth, neither narrowing nor sloping before disappearing into the darkness below. All around the walls, hundreds of Bohrok, in numbers greater than any of the swarms Kopaka has seen, clamber up with walls along steep channels carved in the stone. Here and there a Bohrok Va descends downward, but the rest are moving up toward the surface of Mata Nui. Kopaka realizes that this discovery changes everything. Although he would like to look for answers deeper in the cave, he knows that he must find the other Toa at once for help.14
  • Kopaka discovers that the Bohrok are not alien to Mata Nui but in fact come from underground.71, 72

Pohatu and Gali Spring the Trap in Tiro Canyon

  • Seven days after the Bohrok first appear, Days after Lewa leaves for Le-Koro A swarm of Tahnok rampages through Po-Wahi, turning mountain ranges to molten magma. The Krana Ja in the swarm alert the Tahnok to Toa lying in wait ahead. The telepathy of the Krana Za spreads the news to the rest of the troop. The Tahnok decide to meet their foes head-on.63
  • Meanwhile, the Bahrag monitor the progress of the Bohrok's mission from deep inside the Bohrok nests. Many Bohrok Va move busily through its depths: Tahnok Va scale a series of rock ledges, Gahlok Va gather beside a wall of canisters in the Bohrok nests, Kohrak Va climb up the sheer rock walls of a tunnel, and Lehvak Va walk through a tunnel, carrying a golden Kanohi Hau (this is supposed to be Lewa's mask73). The Bahrag's mission is to restore Mata Nui to the way it was in the "before-time"; once the mission is complete, they may rest again.63
  • The Bahrag note that many Kohrak and Pahrak have lost krana that must be replaced. They dismiss these losses as errors and do not consider them to endanger the mission.63
  • Pohatu and Gali stay behind to spring the trap in the canyon. The swarm of Tahnok arrives in the canyon, wrecking everything in its path. Pohatu kicks a boulder at the plug of ice that Kopaka made, shattering it. Water gushes out of the opening and floods the canyon, catching the Tahnok by surprise.63
  • Gali dives into the waters to gather the Tahnok's krana while they are still stunned. The waters begin to boil almost immediately from the Tahnok's heat.63
  • At the gates of Ta-Koro, Tahu gives a rousing speech to the villagers, who are charged with protecting Ta-Koro alongside Vakama and Jala.63
  • Just then, Kopaka appears, skating atop an ice slide. He tells Tahu that the krana are not mere objects of power like their Kanohi, but are actually alive. More importantly, Kopaka has come to tell Tahu about the Bohrok's darkest secret.63 Kopaka reveals that the Bohrok do not come from some other land, but from a lair within Mata Nui itself. Tahu demands proof, so Kopaka agrees to take him to the entrance.62
  • Although the boiling waters sap Gali's strength, the shock of the flood slows the Tahnok enough for Gali to claim some krana.63
  • With Gali struggling amid the boiling waters, she heads for the surface. Above her, four Tahnok shear a large chunk out of the rock wall, sending it falling toward her and smashing into the bottom of the waters.63
  • A concerned Pohatu is about to dive in after Gali when Gali bursts through the surface. Gali just barely made her escape, but she has four krana.63
  • Gali urges them to run, as the water did not stop the Tahnok. Looking down, they see the Tahnok climbing out of the water and up the sheer rock face, melting handholds in the rock. Pohatu and Gali use their masks' power of levitation to rise out of the canyon.63
  • Pohatu and Gali make their escape from the canyon and see no sign of the Tahnok, although they worry that the krana might be able to call for help somehow.63
  • Pohatu and Gali arrive in the desert by the sea shore. They discuss the possibility that what Vakama said about the krana is true – that they can control the mind. Gali believes it, and she is concerned for Lewa, who has not been heard from since he left for Le-Koro days ago.63
  • Meanwhile, Lewa walks through the jungle, with a red Krana Za on his face.63

Kopaka Shows Tahu the Bohrok Nest

  • Kopaka leads Tahu to the lair of the Bohrok.62
  • Sunrise Tahu and Kopaka arrive at the entrance to the Bohrok nest at sunrise. They see firsthand dozens of Tahnok Va climbing the sheer rock walls of a tunnel leading into darkness below. This proves that the Bohrok come from within Mata Nui itself, which Tahu remarks explains how Vakama knew so much about the Bohrok.62
  • Using his mask's power of levitation, Tahu starts to descend into the tunnel without a second thought, presuming that he and Kopaka will end the threat of the Bohrok alone. Kopaka chides Tahu and argues against it, reminding him that the krana are the key to saving the island. Tahu is worried that every moment they waste, the Bohrok are free to overrun the island, but he heeds Kopaka's advice for the sake of its people. Kopaka points out that Pohatu and Gali are together and should be safe, but he mentions that Onua left to search for Lewa and has not been heard from, although Tahu is not worried about him.62
  • Kopaka shows Tahu the Bohrok nest. Tahu is ready to charge down into the tunnel immediately, but Kopaka convinces him to wait for them to join forces with the other Toa.14
  • Kopaka prevents Tahu from charging into a Bohrok nest and possibly getting killed.71

Onua Rescues Lewa

  • Onua walks through the rocky wastes near the southern border of Po-Wahi. He wonders how the battle is going back in Po-Koro, and he is worried about Lewa, knowing how his impulsive nature could get him into trouble.14
  • With every passing hour, Onua sees more of the Bohrok swarms, or the destruction they leave behind, everywhere he goes. Although he has not admitted it to the other Toa, he is truly worried about Lewa. Lewa has been gone a long time, and he is starting to wonder if it had been foolish to separate in the first place. Onua uses the power of his mask for greater speed.14
  • Using his mask's power of speed, Onua soon reaches the region near Le-Koro. He slows and looks around, seeing signs of charred foliage, uprooted trees, and puddles of green acid. Onua spots something glinting in the sunlight – Lewa's golden Kanohi mask, abandoned on the ground. Onua picks it up and moves on, not liking what this might mean.14
  • Onua takes Lewa's golden Miru away from a party of Lehvak Va. This lets Onua know that Lewa is in danger.62
  • Onua brings Matoran [Onu-Matoran, including Nuparu?] piloting boxor vehicles with him.62
  • Onua walks toward the outskirts of Le-Koro. As he draws closer, he becomes aware of a sound somewhere ahead. Nervously, he steps forward, thinking to himself that all he needs to do is find Lewa, and then he can leave. As if responding to his thoughts, Lewa reveals himself and speaks in a cold, metallic voice. A mighty gust of wind knocks Onua onto the ground. Onua is shocked to see that Lewa is wearing a krana in place of his mask; Onua can hear no hint of the real Lewa in his voice. While Lewa sneers at Onua, Onua considers tunneling beneath him to knock him off balance. As if reading his mind, Lewa points out that the ground is too marshy, surprising Onua. The possessed Lewa explains that he is a Krana Za, and so he is able to read Onua's thoughts. Onua realizes with dismay that he faces a powerful foe in the krana-possessed Lewa.14
  • Twin cones of air send Onua flying into a tree trunk.62 Lewa leaps at Onua, knocking him back into a tree trunk. As Onua gets up, Lewa's body convulses, as if fighting itself.14 Lewa, in his real voice, begs Onua to leave before he is forced to hurt him. Unwilling to give up, Onua smashes the ground with his fists.62, 14 This knocks Lewa back.62 This sends a wave of earth at Lewa, who easily somersaults over it.14 Lewa warns Onua that his power is building,62, 14 and Onua himself has doubts he can beat Lewa in battle.14 Instead, Onua addresses Lewa calmly, lowering his arms to his sides. He reminds Lewa that although the krana controls his body, it does not control his will. Onua tells him he will not defend himself if Lewa attacks – and he tries to convince Lewa that the parasite is not so strong that it can make him harm a friend. Onua takes Lewa's hand and stares into his eyes, and asks him to prove himself a Toa.62, 14 Then, he waits for Lewa to act.14
  • Thanks to Onua's encouragement, Lewa refuses to hurt Onua and rips the krana off his own face.62
  • Onua stands before Lewa, allowing him to choose his own fate. In the end, thanks to Onua's encouragement, Lewa overcomes the krana's power on his own through force of will.14
  • Onua risks his life to save Lewa from the influence of the Krana, saving him for the second time.74, 75 As before, it is his quiet reassurance and faith in Lewa's strength that helps him overcome the threat.76
  • Onua makes a timely rescue of Lewa.17
  • Onua hands Lewa his golden Miru, explaining he found it with a part of Lehvak Va. Lewa says that he now understands why the Bohrok are on Mata Nui.62
  • A group of five Lehvak charge Onua and Lewa. However, three Matoran [all of whom look like Nuparu] piloting boxor vehicles appear and surround the Lehvak. Onua explains to Lewa how the Matoran salvaged parts from Bohrok to build the vehicles. Lewa warns Onua that the must act now, or nothing will be left of Mata Nui.62

Le-Koro Is Liberated

  • Kongu, Tamaru, Takua, and Nuparu team up to lure Toa Lewa [sic], Turaga Matau, and the captured Le-Matoran into a trap and remove their krana.29
  • The population of Le-Koro, including Lewa and Matau, is freed from krana control by the efforts of Onua, Kongu, Takua, Tamaru, and Nuparu. Kongu works with Tamaru, Takua, and Nuparu on this dangerous task, which is credited with saving the entire koro.3, 25, 77
  • Lewa and Onua work together to free the Le-Matoran. Onua causes earth tremors that throw the Matoran off-balance, giving Lewa the chance to swoop in and take the krana. Once they are freed, they are able to help free others.78
  • The Le-Matoran remain free and safe for the time being.62

The Toa Complete Their Quest to Collect the Krana and Gather

  • In the jungle, Lewa swings in from behind on a vine toward a Gahlok, attempting to take its krana.13
  • Later, after Onua rescues Lewa Pohatu and Gali walk through canyons in Po-Wahi. Pohatu remembers how the Matoran used to live in the caves above, before the Bohrok drove them away. A group of Tahnok suddenly appears and charges them. Pohatu jabs his hands into the ground and raises a slab of rock, blocking the Tahnok's path. Gali draws moisture out of the arid Po-Wahi air to create a flood which sweeps the Tahnok away. Pohatu and Gali agree to find the other Toa at once and end the Bohrok threat once and for all.62
  • Tahu and Kopaka climb the foothills at the base of the volcano. Tahu realizes grudgingly that Kopaka was right to wait for the other Toa. He is unsure how much time has passed since the Bohrok first appeared; he has been too busy fighting to keep track. There seem to be endless numbers of Bohrok, and they are taking a toll on Mata Nui. Tahu and Kopaka pass a patch of ice jutting out of the rocks, clearly the work of the Kohrak. Tahu melts the ice with fire from his sword, but Kopaka tells him not to waste any of his power before the battle to come. Tahu starts bickering with Kopaka when Gali shouts out to them from down the slope. Tahu and Kopaka turn to see Gali and Pohatu hurrying toward them, bringing news that one Tahnok swarm has been defeated. Tahu tells Gali and Pohatu that Kopaka has discovered the Bohrok's nest. Gali wonders how the Bohrok can have a nest, since – as they have all come to discover – the Bohrok do not really live, but are mere vehicles for the krana. Pohatu points out that this means that the Bohrok are not invaders from elsewhere, but come from Mata Nui itself. Tahu impatiently remarks that they do not need to understand the Bohrok; they only need to stop them. Only Onua and Lewa are unaccounted for; no one has seen Lewa since they parted at Ta-Koro, and Onua went to look for him. At that moment, Lewa and Onua appear from behind a stone outcropping, to the others' relief. Gali remarks that Lewa looks a bit strange, and Lewa is more somber than usual. Lewa decides to tell the other Toa about his ordeal, in case anything might happen later because of it. He tells the Toa that Le-Koro has been destroyed by the Bohrok. Seeing Lewa so subdued makes Tahu uncomfortable. Onua explains that the Lehvak captured the Le-Matoran and replaced their masks with krana. Lewa then tells how he was tricked into having his mask replaced with a krana. Tahu cannot believe how Lewa could have been overpowered by Matoran, and he is convinced that he would not have been captured if he had been in the same situation. Gali, Pohatu, and Kopaka look worriedly at Lewa, but Onua assures them that Lewa overcame the krana's control through his own willpower. Kopaka says their greatest test of unity lies ahead as they go down into the nest; the others fill Onua and Lewa in on Kopaka's discovery of the Bohrok nest. Afterward, the Toa produce all of the krana they are carrying and determine that they have collected more than enough. Lewa points out a Krana Za, the type of krana that controlled him. Gali and Pohatu urge Lewa to put the experience behind him and focus on the task ahead. Lewa's infection makes Tahu uneasy, as if something alien has come into their midst. The Toa are not sure if they are really supposed to take the krana into the nest, let alone why the Bohrok destroy things or chose this time to emerge. Lewa interjects, saying he believes that Makuta released the Bohrok when the Toa tried to awaken Mata Nui; since it was not yet the time he had planned, he sent them out early. Lewa cannot explains how he knows this, but Tahu understands that the krana must have imparted some of the Bohrok's knowledge to him. While the other Toa discuss possible courses of action, Tahu's impatience builds. Pohatu is suggesting gathering the Turaga for a council to seek further information in the ancient legends, when Tahu interrupts, urging them to stop wasting time while the Bohrok destroy the island and take action. After a moment of thought, the Toa agree to challenge the Bohrok in their nest. Lewa points out that the Bohrok are not the true enemy, but rather the krana, which have a mission of their own.14
  • After the Toa have collected all the krana, Tahu, Kopaka, and Lewa meet on a beach by the sea to discuss their next step. Tahu explains that the krana will unlock the secret to defeating the Bohrok, but to use it, they must plunge into the very heart of their swarm, into the Bohrok's nest.13

The Toa Decide to Enter the Bohrok Nest

  • Lewa's experience being under the control of a Krana makes him a bit more serious and strains his relationship with Tahu, who fears Lewa might still be influenced by the Bohrok. Lewa's enthusiasm is dampened as if he suddenly realizes that being a Toa is not a game.74 After having his mind taken over by both Makuta Teridax and the Bohrok, Lewa is forced to grow up a bit and realize that being a Toa is not all a game. He has to win back the trust of some of his teammates, especially Tahu, who worry that Lewa might still be under the influence of their enemies.79
  • It takes Lewa a long time to feel comfortable after being controlled by the krana. The other Toa, particularly Tahu, treat him differently. Some felt sorry for him; others seem nervous that he might turn against them.17
  • The Toa Mata are wise enough to ignore the swarms and instead strike at the two Bahrag, who live below ground, while the Matoran battle the Bohrok above using their own mechanical creations.45
  • Nokama and the villagers of Ga-Koro gather on a beach around a bonfire at night to share tales of Mata Nui. Nokama recounts the tale of the Toa's quest for the masks, their triumph over Makuta, and the appearance of the Bohrok swarms.80 She then continues to tell how Kongu first encountered a Bohrok in Le-Koro and warned Le-Koro. She describes the six different types of Bohrok and the Toa's quest to gather their krana, and tells how the Toa decided to venture into the Bohrok's nest once their task was complete.13 Then, she turns to the ancient prophecies, which give them hope. She says the Toa will face a great challenge as they approach the Bohrok nests. They will encounter Bohrok Va but will ensure that they cannot warn the swarm about their coming. Using the krana, the Toa will unlock six mighty exo-skeletons to increase their power and use them to confront the Bohrok queens in a titanic struggle. The ancient prophecies say the Toa will prevail, combining their powers to create a cell from which the queens cannot escape. Maku asks eagerly what the prophecies say will happen next, but Nokama says they are silent, except for a warning that with the merging of their forces, and the unleashing of so great a power, there is no telling what it might do and what the Toa will have become once it is all over.81

The Pahrak Attempt to Enter Ga-Koro

  • Takua aids the Ga-Matoran.77
  • Pahrak menace Ga-Koro. Hahli is thrust into danger and works with Maku to prevent the Pahrak from entering Ga-Koro. Jaller aids the village against the Pahrak attack.82, 83, 84
  • At one point, Hahli and Maku's efforts stop the Pahrak from destroying Ga-Koro.85
  • Huki uses his staff to save Maku from a flying rock during the Bohrok invasion. Huki is later credited with inventing a popular new form of Koli with this move.86
  • The Pahrak are stopped from destroying Ga-Koro the first time by a pair of brave Ga-Matoran.87

The Toa Enter the Bohrok Nest

  • The six Toa waste no time in traveling to the mouth of the nest.14
  • The Toa climb down the steep, rocky walls of the nest entrance, avoiding the emerging Bohrok whenever possible and fighting them when not. Their progress is agonizingly slow.14
  • At some point, the Toa encounter a group of scouting Tahnok Va in a tunnel. Kopaka uses his ice power to trap them, preventing them from alerting the swarm about their approach.81
  • Eventually, the Toa leave the glow of daylight behind and find themselves in a large, smooth tunnel leading deep into the earth.14
  • The Toa enter the darkness of the tunnel, with Tahu's sword lighting their way. Occasionally, a group of Bohrok hurries past. The Toa manage to avoid attracting their attention by pressing against the walls. As much as they hate the idea of more swarms emerging on Mata Nui, they know their energy might be needed later.14
  • The six Toa, gathered in a dark tunnel leading to the Bohrok nest, agree to challenge the Bohrok in their nest, convinced that the Bohrok cannot be allowed to endanger their people any longer. Lewa points out that the Bohrok are not the true enemy, but rather the krana, which have a mission of their own.62
  • Someone [Tahu?] tells Onua to keep an eye on Lewa, worried that he is still being influenced by the swarm.62
  • Tahu finds himself walking beside Onua, with Lewa and Kopaka up ahead and Pohatu and Gali trailing behind. Tahu tells Onua to keep an eye on Lewa, not sure if he is still influenced by the Bohrok swarm. Tahu then hurries up to Pohatu to warn him to be careful around Lewa.14
  • A few minutes later, Pohatu runs his hand along the tunnel wall. He points out to the other Toa that the walls are too smooth to have been dug by any Matoran or Bohrok. He insists that he knows stone, and that he thinks something is very wrong.62, 14
  • Lewa tells Kopaka that he is worried that the krana might still be controlling him somehow, but Kopaka replies icily that Lewa will not succeed if he tries to stop him.62

The Toa Are Trapped

  • Tahu comes to an opening in the floor and tells Onua to tell the others to wait while he investigates. He descends into the hole using his mask's power of levitation, only to find himself in a nest full of sleeping Tahnok.62
  • To Onua's dismay, the sleeping Bohrok suddenly awake and burst out of their pods. Up above, a stone slab slams down over the entrance Tahu used to enter the nest, trapping him inside.62
  • Just then, Tahu finds an opening in the floor up ahead and calls back to the others. Without waiting for them, Tahu leaps into the opening.14
  • Another stone wall comes down and blocks the Toa's way through the tunnel above.62 The stone wall is actually an illusion created by the Bahrag.88, 89
  • When the other Toa catch up and look over the edge, a stone door suddenly slams shut over the entrance, cutting them off from Tahu.14
  • At one point, Tahu's impetuous nature leads to his being trapped in a Tahnok nest.48 His tendency to act without planning ahead leads to his being trapped in a Bohrok nest.90
  • During this time, Tahu is briefly stripped of his mask and forced to wear a krana, and he falls under the sway of the Bohrok swarm, an encounter which he later refuses to speak about.46, 48, 91
  • Tahu once loses a mask and has it replaced with a krana. Although he does not wear it long enough to be absorbed into the swarm, he knows how powerful the krana can be. Afterward, none of the other Toa learn about this encounter.17
  • A Lehvak Va holds Tahu's mask.92
  • The Bahrag are aware of the Exo-Toa.93
  • Lewa starts muttering that they are close to powerful armor and has a vision of the Exo-Toa. However, the Toa's attention is focused more on the wall blocking their path.62
  • Pohatu notes that with all their strength, the Toa cannot make even a crack in the stone slab, which should be impossible.62
  • The Toa try to smash their way through the wall, but the wall withstands even Onua's pounding and Pohatu's kicks.14
  • Gali notices the air suddenly becoming hot, and she and Kopaka turn around to see molten lava bearing down on them, filling the tunnel behind them.62
  • Noticing a glow in the tunnel, Kopaka is the first to notice a flow of lava bearing down on them from behind, filling the tunnel.14
  • Meanwhile, the Bahrag are in their dwelling chamber, only a short distance away from where the Toa are trapped. They are surrounded by various kinds of Bohrok Va. Speaking telepathically, the Bahrag confirm with each other that the threat of the Toa has been dealt with.62
  • Lava pours down the tunnel toward the Toa, while they remain trapped against the unbreakable wall of stone. Meanwhile, in a chamber below their feet, Tahu hovers precariously above a swarm of Tahnok using his mask's power of levitation.94
  • Kopaka has the others stand back as he freezes the lava solid, hoping to keep it at bay for a little while. Meanwhile, Pohatu and Onua pound against the wall with enough power to level a mountain, but they are unable to leave even a scratch. With a sudden realization, Lewa exclaims that the wall does not shatter because it is not really there; there is nothing Pohatu and Onua cannot bring down, so the wall must not be real. Lewa realizes that if one stops believing in it, it disappears.94, 14 He proves this by swinging his axe down on the wall, which passes through it as if the rock were not there.94 Lewa proves it by sticking his arm straight through the wall as if it were not there.14
  • The Toa pass through the false rock wall to escape the lava, which is quickly eating through Kopaka's ice.94
  • Incredulous, Pohatu strikes the solid wall again as Lewa passes through it, followed by the other four Toa. With dread, Pohatu wonders what kind of creatures could create such an illusion. Trusting the other Toa, Pohatu manages to pass through the wall as well.14
  • As the Toa later discover, it seems that Makuta might have been the one responsible for creating the rock wall illusion.17
  • Kopaka saves the lives of his team by freezing a molten lava flow before it can engulf them.72
  • Tahu uses his sword to heat the air in the nest until the pressure blows it apart. Tahu goes one way, and the Bohrok go the other.94
  • Tahu is only able to escape by superheating the air in the nest and causing an explosion.48
  • Safely on the other side, the Toa are about to start looking for Tahu when the ground suddenly grows hot. The Toa duck as Tahu flies into the chamber on the force of an explosion that tears through solid rock. Tahu explains how he escaped the nest.94

The Toa Discover the Exo-Toa

  • On the other side, the five Toa find themselves in a small chamber lit by a strange greenish glow. Wondering where Tahu is, the Toa feel the ground getting hot. Kopaka urgently tells them to get down, just as the cavern explodes around them in dirt, stone, and lava. Tahu appears in the midst of it, breathless. He explains that he used his sword to heat the air in the cavern where he was trapped: the heart of the Bohrok nest itself. The air pressure finally blew the nest apart, scattering the remaining Bohrok to the far corners of the tunnels.14
  • The stone floor beneath the Toa gives way. The Toa use their masks' levitation powers to descend safely into a large, smoothly carved chamber below.94
  • The cavern floor gives way beneath the Toa, and they all fall through an opening. The Toa use the levitation power of their masks to land safely on the ground below.14
  • The Toa land on the floor of the chamber. Kopaka notices niches in the floor that match the shapes of the krana, and the Toa place the krana they carry in them.94
  • The Toa place the krana they collected in special niches far below ground. When all the krana are placed, a great earth tremor cracks open six huge doors.47
  • The Toa land in a massive, dimly lit, round chamber. The floor is smooth, except for some deep niches carved in it, whose shapes match the krana they carry. Kopaka proceeds to place his krana into their proper slots, and the other Toa do likewise.14
  • The Toa fit the Krana they have collected into niches in the floor of an underground chamber. Six passages open up, revealing the way to the Exo-Toa armor.46
  • The Toa place the krana they have gathered into niches in a wall. In doing so, they unlock a great secret: six mighty exo-skeletons that will increase their power.81
  • The floor shakes violently, and Lewa exclaims that the end of the Bohrok has begun. Onua asks him what he knows, but Lewa does not get a chance to respond.94
  • As Gali fits the last krana into place, there is a sudden jerk in the floor below. More violent tremors follow, and Lewa exclaims that the end of the Bohrok has begun. Gali and Tahu ask him what he knows, but before Lewa can respond, the cavern walls groan and fall away. They reveal six enormous metal doors in the new wall. The doors slide back, revealing six identical tunnels shrouded in smoke and darkness. Onua remarks that it seems they have been invited in.14
  • Stone cracks and falls away from the walls of the chamber to reveal six huge carved tunnel entrances. Onua remarks that they seem to have been invited in. Sensing an opportunity, Tahu tells each Toa to take a tunnel and stay alert.94
  • Each of the Toa steps into the closest tunnel.14
  • Far below the surface of Mata Nui, the Toa discover a mysterious chamber and six massive doorways. Beyond these doorways wait the Exo-Toa.62
  • Tahu enters one of the tunnels. Up ahead, he sees a hatch opening. Inside, he finds a powerful suit of Exo-Toa armor and enters it, determined to use its power to help free Mata Nui from the Bohrok.94
  • Meanwhile, on the surface of Mata Nui, the Matoran defend their homes against the Bohrok swarms. Three Matoran piloting boxor vehicles stand in defense of Ta-Koro, positioned at the top of a steep rock face. Their leader [the coloring makes it unclear who this is] confirms that their traps of pits and rock falls have been set. A swarm of Lehvak below starts to ascend the rock wall. Knowing that Tahu relies on them to defend Ta-Koro, the Matoran leader leads them in a courageous charge down the rock face.94
  • In his tunnel, Lewa sees a dark glow ahead, as well as a strange shape. He hurries forward and finds a suit of armor, proving him right. Somehow, Lewa knows that the suit is called Exo-Toa armor, probably thanks to knowledge left over from his krana infection.14

The Toa Fight the Bahrag with the Exo-Toa

  • The Toa Mata make use of armored Exo-Toa suits they find in the Bahrag chamber.45
  • The Toa Mata stumble upon the Exo-Toa while attempting to stop the Bahrag. The Toa enter the armor and use its advanced equipment to challenge the Bahrag. However, the armor inhibits their elemental powers, making them a hindrance as much as a help.95, 46
  • Wearing the exo-skeletons, the Toa confront the two Bohrok queens in a titanic struggle and prevail.81
  • Beyond the doors, the Toa discover powerful Exo-Toa armor.47
  • Lewa puts the armor on, feeling power seeping into him. However, for a moment, Lewa hears the Bohrok's urge to "clean it all" tug at his mind. Worried, he shakes the thought off and hurries to the end of the tunnel in his new armor.14
  • Amid the smoke of the chamber, Tahu hears a voice in his mind asking why he is trespassing. A powerful claws strikes at him. The blue Cahdok appears from out of the smoke and speaks to Tahu telepathically, telling him that he is an obstacle that will be removed. Tahu defiantly fires his Exo-Toa's electro-rocket directly at her head.94
  • Lewa hears a voice in his mind again, telling him all obstacles must be removed. This time, Lewa is sure that the voice in his mind is coming from elsewhere. To his surprise, an enormous red creature bursts into view. The creature's voice in Lewa's mind sneers at him, reminding him that she, along with her sister Cahdok, is his queen. Lewa somehow recalls that the creature's name is Gahdok, and retorts that they do not rule him. He lashes out furiously, but the creature knocks him aside easily, sending him spinning into the tunnel wall. More voices start to whisper in Lewa's head – the voices of the swarm, calling him to fulfill their destiny. Lewa does his best to ignore them and fight back. He raises his arms to summon the wind, but only a slight breeze stirs. The voices grow louder, and Lewa falls to his knees, unable to block the voices out of his mind. Lewa calls for help, and Kopaka appears at his side, wearing Exo-Toa armor of his own. Kopaka tells him they need to drive it back to the cavern. Kopaka's cool, no-nonsense voice manages to drive Lewa's voices away, and Gahdok roars in fury. Kopaka tells Lewa to use his new armor's power. Lewa aims the electro-rocket on one of his arms at Gahdok, and Kopaka does the same. Gahdok roars defiantly but backs off down the corridor toward the cavern. Kopaka tells Lewa to find the others. Lewa dashes past the creature and into the cavern, finding Gali, Pohatu, and Onua and telling them that the creature is coming their way. Tahu has the other creature on the move; when both are in the cavern, the Toa can surround them and take them down. Somehow, Lewa knows that defeating them will end the threat of the Bohrok.14
  • Tahu and Kopaka drive the Bahrag back into the chamber. All of the Toa have entered their own Exo-Toa. Tahu tells the Toa to surround them and drive them to the center of the chamber. The Toa surround the Bahrag, assured of victory.94
  • The Toa Mata track down the Bahrag and bring the fight to them.3
  • After discovering the Exo-Toa, the Toa encounter twin Bahrag, the queens of the swarms.47
  • Soon, Tahu has driven the large, blue Gahdok from another tunnel into the chamber. Kopaka backs Gahdok in from the tunnel as well. Onua tells the Toa to drive them into the center of the chamber and surround them. However, the two queens are already backing toward each other.14

The Bahrag Prove Too Powerful

  • Tahu tells the Toa to strike, and as one, they fire their rockets at Cahdok and Gahdok. The rockets explode harmlessly just before reaching the queens, as if they are surrounded by a force field.94, 14 Suddenly Lewa remembers the reason for this14 – Gahdok reveals to the Toa that by bringing the two of them together, they increase their power. She boasts that they will return Mata Nui to the way it was in the Before-Time and remove all obstacles.94, 14 Lewa is frustrated that he did not remember this before it was too late.14
  • Where Tahu expected the armor to give the Toa the power to defeat Cahdok and Gahdok, the queens prove to be more powerful than imagined. Tahu watches as Cahdok uses its power to half-freeze Lewa. Kopaka ends up buried, and Gahdok smothers Gali with waves of heat. Pohatu and Onua end up fighting nothing but empty air, victims of Cahdok's illusions.96
  • The queens go on the offensive; Cahdok showers Kopaka with stones, and Gahdok blasts Gali with heat. Lewa wonders if he unwittingly betrayed the Toa; Gahdok overhears his thoughts and freezes him in ice with her gaze. The other Toa use all their power to battle the queens. Tahu blasts Gahdok with fire, but she responds with a barrage of stones. Lewa sees that Onua and Pohatu have been tricked into fighting more illusions created by the sisters.14
  • Frustrated, Tahu unleashes a blast of fire at the Bahrag from within his suit. Gahdok responds by unleashing a barrage of stones. Tahu protects himself with the power of the Mask of Shielding, but the effort requires tremendous strain for some reason. Gali wants to help, but she also finds that her water powers have failed her. She calls on Pohatu and Onua to snap out of their illusion. Pohatu responds and hurls a massive boulder between Tahu and Gahdok.96
  • Tahu protects himself from the stones using his Mask of Shielding, but he struggles to maintain the shield. Nearby, Gali struggles to stay up as waves of smothering heat roll over her. For some reason, she is unable to summon her elemental powers, and she notices that Tahu is having similar troubles. Gali calls out to Onua and Pohatu, telling them they are fighting shadows. She is able to get through to Pohatu, who abandons fighting what he thinks is a hulking metallic monster, but now realizes is nothing but a shadow. He turns around and tells Onua to stop fighting his shadow as well, then rushes forward and flings a huge rock at the queens. They deflect it easily, and Pohatu looks in frustration for another boulder.14
  • Tahu tends to Gali and commands the Toa to shed their armor, realizing that it hinders their elemental powers. The Bahrag respond by conjuring more boulders to hurl. The Bahrag fume telepathically, mentioning that the Toa have dared to oppose their "brothers" the Bohrok swarms and that their mission to cleanse Mata Nui must proceed. Tahu has the Toa surround the Bahrag and combine their powers, something they know carries great risk.96 When the Bahrag say that the Toa are opposing their "brothers," they are referring to the fact that there is a connection between the Toa and the Bohrok.97

The Toa Defeat the Bahrag

  • Tahu orders the Toa to shed their armor, since they hinder their elemental powers, which are their only hope. Pohatu takes off his Exo-Toa armor and feels his own natural strength replace its power.14
  • Tahu still struggles against the queens. Suddenly, he remembers the words "the knowing will come" and knows what to do. He orders the Toa to surround the queens and combine their powers. Lewa joins the Toa but wonders if this is not another trick to get them out of their Exo-Toa. Gali says the safety of their people is worth the risk, and Tahu tells Lewa to join them or get out of the way. More assured now, Lewa agrees that they are right; and for the first time since Lewa's infection, Tahu does not feel suspicious of him.14
  • The Bahrag become ensnared in strands of glowing red energy. Gahdok rages that the Toa think they have won but have only unleashed something worse. The entire chamber starts shaking violently. Lewa points out that this is not the Bahrag's doing. The Toa each find themselves standing on a disk that sinks into the floor, carrying each of the Toa into a tube filled with liquid that extends beneath the floor.96
  • The Bahrag are powerful and relentless, and the Toa are forced to combine their powers to defeat the Bahrag. Standing on glowing disks, they surround the Bahrag and fire beams of elemental power at them. However, in doing so, they unleash a new energy.47
  • The Toa form a ring around Cahdok and Gahdok. Lewa summons all of the power he can find within himself. Gali grasps his shoulder, and Lewa feels a new wave of power sweep through him. A howling gale sweeps through the cavern, sweeping the sisters into a maelstrom. Soon, a driving rain hammers down on them, and then the rain freezes into hail. A shower of stones pounds them from every direction, and waves of earth rise up around them. Blasts of fire heat the stone and earth into lava. The queens writhe in agony as the Toa's attack continues; Gahdok shouts at them in their minds, saying that think they have won, but cannot imagine what they have unleashed.14
  • The Bahrag tell the Toa they "cannot imagine what [they] have unleashed", referring to the Bohrok-Kal.98
  • The Toa trap the Bahrag in what looks like a web of energy.99
  • The Toa combine their powers and create a cell from which the Bohrok queens cannot escape. The cell looks like a net of red energy.81
  • As it is a cage, the protodermic prison created around the Bahrag has bars and gaps between them.100
  • The Bahrag's cage isn't a solid sphere, it has bars.101
  • The Bahrag are defeated and imprisoned, cutting off their telepathic link to the Krana, which cease to be a threat.46 Cut off from the Bahrag, the Bohrok swarms become disorganized and cease to be a threat.3, 102
  • Only the defeat of the Bahrag saves Ga-Koro and the Po-Matoran from the Pahrak.67, 85 The defeat of the Bahrag is what stops the Pahrak from destroying Ga-Koro on their second attempt.87
  • The strange Nuva symbols appear in the villages of Mata Nui in the moment the Toa defeat Cahdok and Gahdok. Little does anyone realize that these are more than icons – they are somehow linked to the powers of the Toa Nuva.103
  • Vakama has a vision of the Toa's transformation.104
  • Following the defeat of the Bahrag, the Bohrok-Kal are activated.105
  • The Bohrok-Kal are released as soon as the Bahrag are imprisoned and begin to seek out the symbols which will unlock the Nuva cube.5

The Toa Are Transformed into Toa Nuva

  • The capture of the Bahrag triggers an awesome series of events for the Toa. They Toa are trapped in a swirling maelstrom of power and bathed in mysterious energies unleashed from the heart of Mata Nui. They are transformed into the Toa Nuva.94
  • The sections of the floor where each Toa is standing retract into the ground, pulling them into narrow tubes leading straight down.99
  • Suddenly, the energy sizzling around the queens condenses into a gel-like substance. Confused, Gali recognizes this as protodermis. The protodermis forms a barrier around the queens, imprisoning them within. Before Gali has a chance to understand the significance of this, the cavern shudders as stones rain down from above and the earth erupts below. Onua supposes that Cahdok and Gahdok had one more trap for them, but Lewa is confident that this is not their doing, but comes from the heart of Mata Nui.14
  • Before the Toa can react, they sink into the floor as the ground falls away beneath them. Tahu finds himself sliding down a long, narrow tube. Its walls are clear, so he can see the other Toa trapped in similar tubes.14
  • The Toa are bathed in sizzling silver liquid and undergo a transformation. After a few moments, the platforms beneath the Toa rise again, shooting them up to the surface.96
  • The strange energies of the protodermis transform the Toa into the Toa Nuva, with new tools, new armor, and greater power than ever before.96
  • Tahu is immersed in a sizzling liquid, which transforms him.99
  • The tube ends abruptly, and Tahu flies through the air for a moment before landing with a splash into a sizzling, gel-like substance halfway between liquid and solid. The gel cushions him, seeping into every joint, making him feel warm and cold by turns. Tahu fuzzily recalls that this substance is protodermis, but he does not know what effect it will have on him. He closes his eyes and wants to struggle free, but he cannot move. An immense heat sweeps through his body, then is immediately replaced with a deep, icy cold. Just as quickly, he feels himself sinking into warm, welcoming water; then the water evaporates away into a howling wind that sweeps him around and around. Then he feels himself land on hard earth and sink down into the stifling depths. Finally, he hits the hard surface of a stone cliff, and from behind his still-closed eyes, it is as if he can see right through it until it holds no mysteries. Then the stone falls away too, and for a long moment, there is nothingness.14
  • The Toa's gold masks turn into Kanohi Nuva with a single power.106
  • Tahu breaks the surface of the protodermis, choking and gasping for breath. The other Toa surface nearby. They levitate up in a group, landing on a rocky ledge above the bubbling pit of protodermis. The cavern is empty, and Cahdok and Gahdok have disappeared.14
  • The Toa emerge from the tubes, astonished to find that each of them has been transformed into a more powerful, armored form; their masks have changed as well. Onua points out that those chambers were filled with protodermis, which changed them and increased their power.96
  • The Toa stand in a chamber transformed, with new masks, armor, and tools.99
  • The Toa are drawn into tubes of protodermis, changing them for all time. When they emerge, they are Toa Nuva, with new powers, new tools, and new armor.47
  • The Toa realize with a shock that all of them have undergone a transformation. They are still recognizable, but Tahu's golden Kanohi mask has been replaced with a larger, red mask, while his body shimmers with silver armor. Gali wonders what has happened to them, and in amazement, Kopaka says they have become more than anyone has ever been. Tahu can feel power surging through him, but he tells the Toa to worry about why it happened later, and to figure out what happened to Cahdok and Gahdok and how they are going to get out of here.14
  • The six Toa battle the Bahrag in their underground cavern. At first, the Bahrag are winning. Then the Toa realize that the Exo-Toa armor they are wearing is blocking the use of their elemental powers. After shedding the armor, the Toa combine their elemental powers in one blast to form a solid protodermis prison that cuts off the Bahrag's mental link to the Bohrok. The prison is locked with a Nuva cube, a floating object that can only be unlocked with six objects of power.5
  • To defeat the Bohrok queens, the Toa are forced to combine their powers into one beam of energy. This energy beam creates protodermis. Cahdok and Gahdok are trapped in the protodermis and can no longer command the krana, so the Bohrok swarms are no longer a threat to Mata Nui.107 The Toa defeat the Bahrag and trap them in a cage of solid protodermis.4, 108 As Makuta Teridax later remarks, the Bahrag never stood a chance against six Toa, but they achieved what he had hoped: to delay and exhaust the Toa.45
  • After a huge underground battle, the Toa fall into large tubes filled with protodermis. They return to the surface with new armor, new tools, and new powers, making them more powerful than ever. They give themselves the new name Toa Nuva.109, 45 In this way, Makuta Teridax's victory is not complete.45
  • The Toa Mata are immersed in tubes of energized protodermis and are transformed into the Toa Nuva.110, 68, 71, 74, 75, 69, 48, 111
  • Less than one year ago but more than one month ago The Toa Mata defeat the Bohrok and are transformed into the Toa Nuva.112
  • The Toa Mata become the first Toa Nuva to ever exist.113
  • Krakua is probably already a Toa.114

The Toa Nuva Escape from the Bohrok Nest

  • Rather than dwelling on their transformation, the Toa focus on more immediate concerns: Cahdok and Gahdok are nowhere to be seen, and the chamber starts shaking violently again, raining rocks on them. A huge stone falls from above, threatening to crush them all. Tahu activates his new Mask of Shielding, but to everyone's surprise, his shield protects all of them at once, not just Tahu.96
  • Realizing their mask powers can now be shared, Kopaka has Lewa and Pohatu combine the powers of their Masks of Levitation and Speed to allow the Toa to fly straight up into the air and through the circular opening in the ceiling of the chamber. Meanwhile, the whole place seems to be collapsing around them.96
  • The Toa Nuva use a combination of the Kakama Nuva and Miru Nuva's powers to "fly" out of the Bahrag chamber.115, 17
  • The chamber where the Toa were transformed is buried under tons of rubble.110
  • Free of the Bahrag's chamber, the Toa sprint through the tunnels toward the surface as stone crumbles around them, following light up ahead.96
  • A large swarm of Tahnok approaches the Toa from up ahead, blocking the way to the surface. Without Cahdok and Gahdok to direct them, they are confused and out of control. Onua shares the power of the Mask of Strength with the other Toa, and as one, they strike the ground, creating a hole in the tunnel floor which the Tahnok promptly march into. Kopaka blocks the opening of the hole with ice, which will force the Tahnok lower as it melts. The Toa's blow has weakened the tunnel even more, and the entire Bohrok nest threatens collapse.116
  • The Toa fly out of the nest using their mask powers just as it crumbles. The newly transformed Toa stand once again upon the surface of Mata Nui. With the Bohrok defeated, Tahu says the protodermis has given them the power to protect their people and heal the island. Tahu decides that from now on, in recognition of their new forms, they shall be called "Toa Nuva."96
  • Cahdok and Gahdok disappear, and then an earthquake brings the nest down. The Toa believe they are gone for good.117
  • After the Toa's battle with the Bahrag, an avalanche completely covers the tunnel entrance to the Bohrok nest in Po-Wahi with huge rocks [sic, what about the entrance between Ko-Wahi and Le-Wahi?].16
  • Lewa's power of levitation carries the Toa aloft, and soon they are bursting out of the dark tunnels onto the surface. They fly high up into the air until they can see the entire island. Although there are enormous areas of bare earth, charred rock, and other damage, the Bohrok swarms are nowhere to be seen.14
  • The Toa land back on the ground. Gali exclaims that they have ended the threat of the swarms, although she wonders at what cost. Tahu wonders the same as he glances at Lewa, but he shakes off his nagging distrust. Tahu says that nothing has been lost; the protodermis has given them the power to protect their people from any danger and to heal the land. Tahu proclaims that forevermore, they will now be known as the Toa Nuva. The Toa Nuva cheer, ready to heal the damage to Mata Nui and ensure that Makuta never again troubles the island, if he bothers to try.14
  • Even though the Toa are six heroes with one destiny, they do not always find it easy to work together. Still, they come together when it counts, coming together to defeat the Bohrok swarms sent by Makuta. In the end, the Toa trap the twin queens of the swarm, Cahdok and Gahdok – first with the help of the powerful Exo-Toa armor they discover in the queens' underground lair, and then by releasing the mysterious substance known as protodermis. At the same time, the Toa are exposed to the protodermis themselves and emerge from it changed – into the Toa Nuva.16
  • The six Toa Nuva arrange to meet again and part ways. The last thing Onua says to Lewa is not to be late.16

The Toa Nuva Return to the Villages

  • Nuparu figures out how to reprogram the Bohrok by changing the technology through which they receive instructions to accept voice commands from Matoran.118
  • The Matoran remove the Krana from most of the Bohrok and put the machines to work rebuilding the villages.3
  • Most of the Krana which the Matoran collected wind up buried in a pit. Having survived thousands of years of dormancy, it is likely that they simply will themselves back into a suspended state to await rescue.46
  • The Matoran allow both the Bohrok and Bohrok Va into their villages to aid in repairs, unaware that the Bohrok Va do not depend on direction from the Bahrag and are still active.49
  • The Bohrok help the Matoran repair the damage to the villages they caused. Onewa is not certain it is the right decision to let the Bohrok swarms into the villages so soon after the Toa have defeated their queens. However, all six Toa agree to the idea.16
  • The Toa Nuva make sure the Bohrok and Bohrok Va are put to work repairing the damage they did. The Bohrok are now under the control of the Toa Nuva and are put to work repairing the damage done to the island.47
  • Bohrok with their krana removed obey verbal commands from the Matoran.119
  • Whenua leads the rebuilding of the Onu-Koro mines after their flooding by the Bohrok attack.120
  • Lewa Nuva returns to Le-Koro. After the Bohrok's attacks, all that remains is rubble.16
  • Lewa and the villagers go to work rebuilding Le-Koro. They are hard-working, and although there is much to do, they make progress.16
  • Turaga Matau oversees the reconstruction of Le-Koro after the Bohrok invasion.28 Le-Koro is rebuilt, protected by the Gukko Bird Force led by Kongu.26 Le-Koro is rebuilt following the damage done by the Bohrok.23
  • The village of Ga-Koro is largely rebuilt and redesigned following a Bohrok attack.121
  • Huki once takes swimming lessons.122
  • Because the size and shape of Pohatu Nuva's climbing claws when attached together resemble the sphere used in the very earliest versions of Akilini, Turaga Onewa suggests to him calling it the "Kodan ball," after the alleged inventor of the sport.123
  • The Order of Mata Nui likely request the extra Kanohi Nuva to be created,124 but they are not the ones who place the masks on Mata Nui.125
  • The Kanohi Nuva are created beforehand to be placed on Mata Nui when needed.126
  • The Kanohi Nuva mysteriously appear on the island. The Turaga are not involved in this because they didn't know the Toa would become Toa Nuva.127
  • The Kanohi Nuva are teleported onto the island.128
  • The Order of Mata Nui likely has involvement in the teleportation of the Kanohi Nuva.129
  • The residents of Artakha make Kanohi Nuva and teleport them to Mata Nui. They don't need the Toa Mata's original masks to do this, all they need are Great Masks with the same powers.130
  • Artakha anonymously delivers the Kanohi Nuva to Mata Nui.131, 132
  • Vakama consults with the Turaga of the other villages. The Turaga want to make sure that the Toa Nuva know that there is still work to be done after their transformation. The Toa Nuva must find a new set of Kaonhi masks to truly make use of their new powers.16
  • After their transformation, the Toa Nuva have to collect a new set of masks: the Kanohi Nuva.133
  • In a dark, empty cavern deep beneath the surface of Mata Nui, [Makuta] muses to himself about recent events. He looks upward, seeing through the earth and rock to the distant sunlit surface. The Toa have defeated the Bohrok swarms, as it was foreseen. In doing so, they have called forth the instrument of their own doom. Although the Matoran's prophecies sing of the Toa's might, the heroes' spirits will soon be broken. The time has come to awaken the next protectors of Mata Nui's slumber, who will avenge the defeat of their Bohrok brothers and preserve things as they should be forever.16
  • Using his Kakama Nuva, Pohatu devotes himself to repairing the damage done to Po-Wahi by the rampaging Bohrok.96

The Nuva Symbols Appear

  • Workers atop the wall surrounding Po-Koro shout a warning as a hail of stones falls down below. Pohatu Nuva steps out onto the village's main street and compliments the workers on their quick work – it looks like the section of the wall they are working on will be repaired before sunset. Onewa has followed Pohatu outside. When one of the workers addresses Pohatu as "Toa," and Pohatu jokingly remarks to Onewa that they are supposed to be called "Toa Nuva" now, especially around Tahu Nuva. Pohatu looks down again at the changes to his now stronger, more powerful body. Pohatu and Onewa hear another shout from the wall and watch as a Matoran directs several Bohrok hauling a large chunk of stone toward the broken section. The two remark how amazing it is that the Bohrok are now helping to repair the damage they caused. Onewa mentions he was not sure it was a good idea to let them in the villages, but Pohatu points out that all of the Toa agreed to it, and that the Bohrok are no longer a threat without the krana controlling them.16
  • Hewkii [sic, Huki] runs up to Pohatu and Onewa, telling them something extraordinary has happened. He leads them to the Po-Suva in the center of the village, where a crowd of Po-Matoran has gathered. Hovering just above the ground is a bronze-colored object, about the size of his mask and with carved lines forming an angular pattern in its smooth surface. Onewa suddenly seems disturbed, saying it is as it was foreseen.16
  • Vakama explains to Tahu Nuva that the strange object [Nuva symbol] is an icon, a symbol of his power. Tahu Nuva watches as Vakama sets the strange object into a niche in the wall of the Ta-Suva. Tahu asks what its purpose is and where it came from, but Vakama replies that those things are a mystery. Tahu starts to leave, but Vakama asks him to come back to the suva for a moment to tell him something important. Vakama says that he has been consulting with the other Turaga and that the Toa Nuva still have work to do. He tells Tahu that they must find a new set of Kanohi masks to truly make use of their new powers. Tahu starts to grumble, but Vakama points out that the task should not be so difficult this time, since the Rahi no longer answer to Makuta and the Bohrok are no longer a threat. Tahu asks if Vakama can manage without him while he collects the masks, but Vakama has more to add. Very hesitantly, Vakama decides that it is time to reveal a secret to Tahu. He reaches into an opening in the wall of the Ta-Suva and pulls out a strange, orange mask. Vakama explains that it is the Kanohi Vahi, the Great Mask of Time and the most powerful mask of them all. Tahu reaches out eagerly to take it, but Vakama pulls it away and warns him sternly about its power. Tahu argues that as a Toa Nuva he knows all about power, but Vakama tells him that the power of the Vahi exists on a higher level. He asks Tahu to consider what it means to control time itself, and Tahu imagines that it could be useful in battle. Vakama does not like this answer, and he tells Tahu that he who controls time controls all of reality. Tahu sees that no other powers can exist without time, which satisfies Vakama. Vakama cautions Tahu that it is one thing to control time and all of reality with it, and another to lose control of it all. He says the Vahi must be used only in the direst emergency. Tahu wonders if he would ever reach such a point, and Vakama says that is his hope. Vakama recommends that Tahu not tell the other Toa about the mask unless he needs to use it. Tahu wonders why it must be his responsibility to keep such a mask without using it, but Vakama convinces him to accept his destiny. Finally, Tahu takes the mask from him.16
  • Turaga Vakama gives the Kanohi Vahi to Tahu Nuva.134
  • Long before the defeat of the Bohrok-Kal Vakama gives the Vahi to Tahu, warning him that its power might be too great for even a Toa to wield.135
  • Earlier in the same day Lewa returns to Le-Koro from the meeting A strange floating symbol appears in Le-Koro out of nowhere.16
  • Tahnok-Kal is the first to discover that stealing the Toa Nuva symbols will rob the Toa Nuva of their powers.136
  • The Bohrok-Kal discover that a floating cube serves as the lock on the Bahrag's prison, and that the Toa Nuva symbols are the key that can free the Bahrag.103

The Toa Nuva Test Their Powers and Disband

  • Lewa Nuva heads toward the Toa Nuva's meeting place, reminding himself not to be late. He launches himself off a cliff near the edge of Le-Wahi.16
  • The other five Toa Nuva are waiting when Lewa finally reaches the meeting spot. The other Toa have just recently arrived. They ask for news from Le-Koro, and Lewa reports they are hard at work rebuilding. Gali offers him the help of the other Toa, but Lewa says that he hardly needs help given his new powers. Kopaka agrees, saying the Toa's meetings are no longer necessary until they discover how to awaken Mata Nui, their ultimate goal. Gali is not so sure that their new power is enough for them to work on their own. In a display of power, Lewa summons a mighty gust which lifts the other Toa Nuva off their feet. In sport, Tahu fires a blast of flame at Lewa, who somersaults out of the way.16
  • Just a few days before the defeat of the Bohrok-Kal135 In a forested clearing, the Toa Nuva engage in mock combat to test their new powers. Tahu, Pohatu, and Gali face off against Onua, Lewa, and Kopaka. Gali sends a blast of water at Lewa, who jumps into the air using his air katana as wings. Pohatu then races in circles at high speed beneath Lewa, catching him in a dusty cyclone. Onua causes the ground in front of Pohatu to upend itself, sending Pohatu careening off the end of the near-vertical slab of rock and flying into the trees. This leaves just Tahu and Kopaka to face each other. Tahu engulfs Kopaka in a cage of fire, but Kopaka, unimpressed, easily freezes the flames and breaks free. Just as words between the two of them get particularly heated, Gali steps in and stops them from coming to blows, saying it is a shame they cannot control their tempers. The others remark that they are all perhaps a little on edge after recent events.47
  • Before long, all of the Toa Nuva join in the mock battle, each trying to overwhelm the others with a show of his or her new powers. Pohatu unleashes a tornado of stones. Onua starts an avalanche on a nearby slope. Tahu and Kopaka battle with their opposing powers of heat and cold. Gali sends a mighty flood gushing out from her new aqua axes.16
  • Tahu suggests that the Toa Nuva part ways and tend to their villages. Kopaka immediately agrees that their alliance is no longer necessary. Gali points out that the Turaga have always said they share one destiny, and protests that splitting apart is a mistake in case they need to face yet another threat. Lewa eagerly goes off on his own to help rebuild Le-Koro, and the other Toa leave as well.47
  • Finally, the Toa Nuva lose interest in the game. Gali remarks that as Toa Nuva, they have greater control than ever before, although it is a shame that they cannot control their tempers as well. Pohatu and Lewa point out that they are all on edge from the battle with Cahdok and Gahdok, their transformation, and now the task of rebuilding their villages. Tahu says it would be best for the Toa to go their separate ways for now and to attend to their villages, and Kopaka quickly agrees. Gali is dismayed at the idea of splitting apart again, saying they have learned nothing from the past. Lewa shrugs, thinking Gali assigns too much importance to unity. Gali pleads with the others, telling them this is a mistake, especially if some new danger threatens Mata Nui. Still, Lewa says his goodbye and leaves.16
  • Meanwhile, in a cave, the [Bohrok-Kal] decide on a plan to stop the Toa Nuva from interfering with their mission. They conclude that the heart of the Toa Nuva's power lies in their villages (that is, in their symbols); if they steal them, the Toa Nuva will be unable to stop them.47
  • The Bohrok-Kal want the Toa Nuva's icons in order to fit them onto the cube in front of the Bahrag's prison and unlock it.16
  • After emerging from the Bohrok nest transformed into the Toa Nuva, their greater strength and tougher armor seem like a blessing, making it easier for them to defend the villages. However, as they begin to test their new power, the team begins to fracture. Finally, Tahu and Kopaka almost come to blows. Before Gali even knows what is happening, the two of them have decided the Toa should go their separate ways, all thoughts of unity forgotten.17
  • After the Toa's transformation, Tahu grows, if anything, more overconfident and arrogant, which leads to arguments with Kopaka and eventually the decision to split up the team.48, 137 Turning into Toa Nuva seems to bring out the worst in Kopaka and Tahu, who immediately argue and decide to break up the team.138
  • Tahu and Kopaka fight shortly after the Toa's transformation. In this argument, Tahu and Kopaka decide that the Toa Nuva should split up. Gali strongly objects, but no one, not even Onua, supports her. Onua says nothing as his teammates grow arrogant and quarrelsome. This incident damages Kopaka's friendship with Gali for some time, and Gali is angry with Onua for his failure to act. It is some time before Gali forgives her friends.68, 71, 75 Lewa goes along with the decision.74
  • Gali tells her brother Toa that they should stay united, warning that there will be another menace and that they will be stronger together. Tahu and Kopaka will not listen, and not even Onua stands with Gali.17
  • Gali Nuva fights unsuccessfully to keep the Toa Nuva team together.139
  • When Tahu and Kopaka begin to argue, and Gali fights to keep the team together, Onua stays silent. This proves a mistake, as it will cost the team its unity and Onua his friendship with Gali.140
  • When Lewa transforms into a Toa Nuva, he believes he has enough power that he does not need the rest of the team. He supports the decision by Tahu and Kopaka to split up the team.141
  • Tahu and Kopaka, with support from Lewa, suggest that the Toa Nuva part ways. Gali protests, but Onua says nothing. Afterward, Gali is angry with Onua for his silence. Ever since, Onua questions whether he chose the right path.17
  • Despite his newly gained power, Pohatu Nuva remains modest and friendly.69
  • Pohatu is unhappy about the team's breakup, and he is determined to bring them back together somehow.142
  • At first, Gali dismisses Tahu and Kopaka as foolish and stubborn and vows not to ally with them again.17