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ice blade

Kopaka Nuva carried an ice blade as his Toa tool, through which he could focus his ice power. The blade could be split in two and used as power ice skates for fast travel.1, 2


Kopaka Nuva's ice blade could be split in two to form power ice skates that let him rip through the ice and snow.3

Kopaka Nuva's tool was an ice blade that channeled his power; it could be split in two and used as power ice-skates.4

Kopaka could separate his ice blade into two parts and attach the ends to his feet. These could serve as power ice skates which he could use to travel down an icy slope. The blades were made of protodermis.5

Kopaka could split his ice blade in two and wield one in each hand. Although not the most efficient climbing tools, they were strong and sharp enough to serve as climbing spikes.5