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ice shield (Kopaka)

The ice shield was a large, circular shield carried by Kopaka as a Toa Mata and as a Toa Nuva before he acquired his adaptive armor.1, 2, 3 It provided strong defense4 and could also serve as a sled to carry Kopaka or other riders quickly down snowy slopes.5, 4 Kopaka was likely able to channel his elemental power of ice through it, but only for defensive purposes. It is unlikely that he would have been able to fire an ice blast through it.6 The shield was not made of protosteel.7

The ice shield was created by Artakha, and Kopaka received it before his training on Daxia.8, 9 When Kopaka was transformed by energized protodermis into a Toa Nuva, the ice shield was transformed into a larger, improved form.10, 11 Artakha later replaced Kopaka's armor and ice shield with adaptive armor and weaponry.12 It is unknown what became of the ice shield after this; it was apparently left with Artakha.