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Orkahm was a Matoran[1] Ussal crab rider in Le-Metru. He was slow and meticulous and known for having little imagination. His favorite Ussal crab was Pewku.[2]


Orkahm was a chief Ussal rider in Le-Metru. He discovered a secret which could lead him into a dangerous plot.[3]

Orkahm had an Ussal crab pen in Le-Metru. He was an Ussal cart rider and was quite good at the job. It was known that Orkahm disliked Matau, who was a prankster. Orkahm and Matau had known each other for a long time. Orkahm was thorough, cautious, and meticulous, which made him a slow rider. Matau, on the other hand, had always been fast and reckless, which was why the two never got along. Matau considered Orkahm to have little imagination. Orkahm considered Matau to be a danger on the road as a rider.[4]

Like every rider, Orkahm kept a log-book of his travels during the day. He kept it under the seat in his Ussal cart. Orkahm wrote his logs entirely in code, but he used a simple cipher that substituted numbers for letters that was easily deciphered.[4]

Pewku [sic] was Orkahm's favorite Ussal crab, the one he had been riding for as long as Matau could remember.[4]

Tuuli was a co-worker of Orkahm's. Tuuli thought that Orkahm was a good driver, if a little too slow and careful sometimes. Orkahm never liked the way Matau worked.[5]

Orkahm was a chief Ussal cart driver in Le-Metru. He was slow and methodical by nature, and he always envied Matau's speed and quick wit.[6]

When Orkahm spotted a Great Disk, he thought the discovery would make him famous. Instead, he was kidnapped by Nidhiki and had to be rescued by Toa Matau. After that, he decided that fame was perhaps not worth the risk. Orkahm disappeared after the defeat of the Morbuzakh and had not been seen since as of mid-story year 2004.[6]

Orkahm spent many years with his Ussal crab, Puku.[7]

On Mata Nui, he was a Gukko rider in Le-Koro.[2]