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Pridak was the leader of the Barraki which menaced Mahri Nui.[1]


Pridak was the undisputed ruler of the Barraki dating back more than 80,000 years. His mind was as sharp as his teeth. He was extremely fast underwater and a perfect killing machine. He was more than willing to use violence to enforce discipline. In addition to blinding Kalmah in one eye, he once bit Nocturn's arm off. He learned from his mistakes and was an expert at holding a grudge. He felt entitled to power and was willing to defy even Makuta to his face. He felt no guilt or regret over anything he did. He was hot-tempered but also practical. He saw no reason to kill Matoran if there was nothing to be gained by it, hence the survival of Mahri Nui all that time. If there was something to be gained by it, he would calmly order the destruction of an entire village and sleep peacefully that night. He commanded an army of Takea sharks. His weapons were a shark tooth blade and a squid launcher. His natural tools were teeth capable of tearing open even Makuta armor. He had no powers.[2]

Brilliant strategist one moment, savage warrior the next, Pridak was the unquestioned leader of the Barraki. He ruled through strength and through the respect that strength commanded. His weapons were a shark tooth blade and squid launcher. His natural tools were his teeth.[3]

During the Barraki's time in the ocean, Pridak at times settled disputes with the other Barraki or their allies.[1]

Pridak's teeth were powerful enough to bite through protosteel. He carried a shark tooth blade and a squid launcher.[1]

After being released from the Pit again, Pridak wore a water-filled helmet. Pridak relished the opportunity to sack, burn, and destroy again. He felt assured that he was back, and back to stay. Pridak had discipline and the infinite patience of a born hunter.[4]

Pridak's favorite hunting grounds were the Pillars of Salt.[5]

Pridak was the former leader of the League of Six Kingdoms and later leader of the Barraki. Pridak's primary weapons were a shark tooth blade and a squid launcher, and his teeth were strong enough to bite through protosteel.[6]




“Do you know who I am?” asked Pridak.

Nocturn nodded. “Pridak. The shark.”

“Then you know what will happen if you don’t do what I ask?”

Nocturn winced. He still bore the scars of an earlier run-in with Pridak, which had cost him one of his arms. Fortunately, it had grown back, though minus its tentacle. “Rip, slash,” he said. “Pain. Hiding.”

“And next time, I won’t stop with your arm,” Pridak said darkly.[2]