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List of Expressions

Below is a list of expressions encountered in the story.

as a wise being once said
A figure of speech.1 See "a great/wise man once said" and "if you want a thing done well, do it yourself".

As a wise being once said, if you want someone melted into slag, you have to do it yourself."2

The phrase "(something) bones" was used to describe someone who met his demise by that thing.

"You're alive!" he cried. "Kolhii-head! You could've been lava bones!"3

"You're alive! Kolhii-head! You could've been Makuta bones!"4

"I can't, it's too strong! We're Vahki bones!"5

It's too strong! We're Vahki bones!6

"If we wait for that group to save us, we will end up Rahi bones here."7

"Get up, Rahi bones. Lariska's class is now in session."8

"First lesson, Rahi bones."9

Bordakh like things that run
An old Matoran saying in Metru Nui.10
City of Legends
An epithet applied to the city of Metru Nui. It was actually coined as a dark joke by the Shadowed One during the Toa-Dark Hunter War, when he claimed that Metru Nui would truly become a city of legends, as most legends are about the dead.11
A phrase meaning "crazy."

"Hey! Are you cross-wired?" Matau snapped.12

"I told you I am a cross-wired freak, chasing his dreams, wasting everyone's time!"13

"I sure hope you're guided by the Great Spirit," he growled, "because this is definitely cross-wired!"14

dermis shell weather
A Matoran phrase referring to unpleasant weather conditions.15 See dermis turtle.
Destiny War
A term Helryx used to describe the Order of Mata Nui's coming out of hiding to fight the Brotherhood of Makuta.16 See Destiny War.
Don't look back, a Vahki might be gaining on you
An old joke on Metru Nui.17
Even storm clouds run from a Rahi
An old saying on Mata Nui.18
A derogatory term for residents of Ta-Metru. Used not only by Le-Matoran but also by Matoran from other metru.19, 20, 21, 6
foolish as a sand snipe
A Matoran saying based on a creature called a sand snipe. Sand snipes were known for their habit of drowning themselves in liquid protodermis.22
go around the chute
To lose one's mind. See "go around the bend".

"You have gone around the chute," said Matau. "We stop hard-fighting and the vines will overwhelm us..."23

go to Karzahni
A common expression, referring to a feared realm in Matoran legend where bad Matoran workers were exiled.24 The name "Karzahni" was a name Matoran used to frighten each other.24, 25 See "go to hell".
Great Beings
Inhabitants of the Matoran universe often spoke of the Great Beings as deities.

This creature can match my speed, but not, thank the Great Beings -- my agility!26

Great Beings, grant me strength...27

"Toa, if the Great Beings see fit to restore my energies to me...I may one day show you what power really is."28

"We may fall, but by the Great Beings, this creature will know it has faced Toa!"28

With a shudder, he kept going, thanking the Great Beings he had not set those things loose.29

"He's guarded by Rahi and the Great Beings know what else...30

Great Spirit
A common epithet for Mata Nui.
hold your Rahi
See "hold your horses".

"Hold your Rahi, I'm coming."31

kill two Gukko with one stone
See "kill two birds with one stone".

"For reasons of its own, the Order wanted the Toa Mahri out of Metru Nui for a time. And we wanted the Visorak taken off the board ... hence our decision to kill two Gukko with one stone."32

A derogatory term meaning "idiot."

"You're alive!" he cried. "Kolhii-head! You could've been lava bones!"3

"You even kept us on the right path. Not bad for a kolhii-head."33

"You're alive! Kolhii-head! You could've been Makuta bones!"4

lab Rahi
See "lab rat".

"Now, wait a minute," said Vultraz. "I'm not volunteering to be a lab Rahi."34

loose Rahi
See "loose cannon".

"Where's the other one? He's a loose Rahi ... needs to be contained."35

Mata Nui/Great Spirit
Inhabitants of the Matoran universe often spoke of Mata Nui (also known as the Great Spirit) as a deity.

Oh, Mata Nui protect us...36

What in the name of Mata Nui was going on?37

"Oh, Mata Nui protect us," she whispered. "Morbuzakh seeds! It must be!"38

The Matoran Nui watched them go, whispering, "Mata Nui protect you all."39

"Mata Nui," whispered Nokama. "It's the Morbuzakh — it speaks!"40

"By the will of the Great Spirit, it has just begun!"41

Around me, I could see the Makuta being consumed by the storm, and I thanked the Great Spirit I had been able to save the Matoran.42

Mata Nui only knew what kind of trouble Vultraz could have caused in the meantime.43

"What in Mata Nui's name is a Spherus Magna?"44

Matoran's play
See "child's play".

But having once invaded a cave network filled with thousand-eyed Rahi undetected, this was Matoran’s play for him.45

not the brightest lightstone
See "not the brightest bulb".

Not the brightest lightstone in Metru Nui, but strong enough to crumble a Knowledge Tower with one blow.46

old war Rahi
See "old war horse".

"Things must be desperate if they're calling on an old war Rahi like you."16

pin the tail on the ash bear
See "pin the tail on the donkey".

"Soon you'll be ready for a game of pin the tail on the ash bear, record-keeper."47

Rahi breath
A disparaging term.

"Even if I didn't have to worry about them, there's still that big Rahi breath that walled me up here."48

A secret shared is no longer a secret
An old saying that the Shadowed One once uttered.49
Term used in Le-Metru for a Matoran under the effects of a Vorzakh's staff of erasing.50, 51
sharper than a rock steed's tooth
A popular saying on Bara Magna describing the Agori of Tajun in matters of deal-making.52
Sometimes the tallest mountain is the first to crumble
An Agori saying which could have been said of the Vorox's regression into savagery after the Shattering.53
stalking kinloka
On Zakaz, when Skakdi needed to cross land that might be booby-trapped, they sent a kinloka through first to spring the traps. This was known as a "stalking kinloka."54
time before time
On Mata Nui, the Turaga often used the phrase "in the time before time" to introduce stories about events that happened long ago, specifically those that occurred before the Matoran lived on Mata Nui, which the Matoran could not remember.55, 56, 57 The Bahrag called this the "before time."58, 59 Before the Matoran were brought to Mata Nui, Nuju stated that Keetongu had not been seen since "the time before time", referring to ancient history.60 To the Bohrok, the "before time" referred to the time before the Great Cataclysm when the island of Mata Nui was barren.61
When Teridax is away, the Rahi will play
An old saying in the Brotherhood of Makuta referring to Makuta Teridax.62 See "when the cat's away, the mice will play."
whistling past Makuta's lair
A disparaging Ko-Koro expression used to describe someone who chattered with tales of bravery to hide his own fear in a dangerous situation.28 See "whistling past the graveyard".
wild Rahi chase
See "wild goose chase".

This may all be a wild Rahi chase.63

She wondered if this might be just a wild Rahi chase.64