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Mizuni rotors

The Mizuni rotorsnote 1 were wrist-mounted propellers used by Gali Nuva before she acquired her adaptive armor.1 They were high-speed rotors that propelled Gali through water while swimming.1, 2 Thanks to these rotors and the aqua axes attached to her feet as flippers, Gali was able to swim at incredible speeds1, 3, 2, faster than anything else underwater4, 5.

Gali acquired the Mizuni rotors when she was transformed by energized protodermis into a Toa Nuva. It is unclear where they came from; perhaps part of Gali's former hooks were transformed by the energized protodermis into the Mizuni rotors. Artakha later replaced Gali's armor and Mizuni rotors with adaptive armor and weaponry.6 It is unknown what became of the Mizuni rotors after this; they were apparently left with Artakha.