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The Tahtorak was a large, intelligent, reptilian Rahi. It stood over 40 feet tall and was the largest land Rahi ever seen in Metru Nui. It was more than powerful enough to destroy a city, able to bring down entire buildings with a single sweep of its tail. The Tahtorak was once a herd animal in another land. It was transported to Metru Nui through a dimensional gate by the power of Brutaka's Kanohi Olmak. It made a home far beneath the Archives maintenance tunnels, where it slumbered. Rahaga Pouks theorized that "the answer" which it demanded to know was how it had come to Metru Nui, so far from its home.2

For the Tahtorak species, see Tahtorak (Species).


In BIONICLE Adventures #3: The Darkness Below, the Tahtorak was found living beneath the maintenance tunnels.3

The Tahtorak was able to speak Matoran.4

It's unlikely that the Tahtorak could have held a conversation with another being.5

This massive beast slumbered for centuries in the maintenance tunnels beneath Onu-Metru. As of story year 2004, recent events had awakened it, and now the Tahtorak threatened Metru Nui. Although slow on foot, the creature made up for it with its unimaginable strength. It was believed that Tahtorak were pack animals, but so far only one specimen had appeared in Metru Nui.6

The Tahtorak was the largest land Rahi ever seen in Metru Nui. It stood 40 feet high and had enough power to wreck the city. It was apparently an intelligent creature, capable of speaking Matoran and engaging in limited conversation. It was unknown how it learned the language. What few Archives records existed on the Tahtorak indicated that it may have actually been a herd creature in some other land. It somehow ended up in the unexplored area beneath the Archives maintenance tunnels. Some who encountered the Tahtorak believed that it had no idea how it got to Metru Nui and that it was desperate to find a way home. The Tahtorak relied on brute strength. Its thick hide protected it from most blows, although it did prove vulnerable to the Zivon's stinger. One sweep of its tail was enough to level an entire Metru block. When idle, it would rip up sections of transport chute and see how far it could toss them. The city shook with each step it took. Even as an ally, the Tahtorak proved to be extremely dangerous and destructive. Pouks remarked that he was glad he never had to attempt to capture it, and that he hoped it someday found its way back home.7

Keetongu was native to the same island as the dreaded Tahtorak, and in fact those monstrous Rahi served as mounts for those of Keetongu's species.8

Ages ago, these massive creatures lived in herds that spanned hundreds of kio. Over time, the land bridges they crossed disintegrated, stranding them wherever they happened to be. A large number ended up on Zakaz, serving as mounts for the Skakdi.9

Tahtorak were reptilian creatures which averaged forty feet in height. They were capable of destroying entire cities. They were surprisingly intelligent. For a time, it was a mystery why the Tahtorak would tolerate serving the Skakdi rather than crushing them. According to a dying Tahtorak talking to a member of the Order of Mata Nui, the Tahtorak planned on wiping out the Skakdi eventually, but were willing to wait for the moment when it would be most satisfying.9

Tahtorak's question had nothing to do with Keetongu, it was asking how it arrived in Metru Nui.10

Tahtorak's question was how he got to Metru Nui. The answer was that Brutaka teleported him there.11

Brutaka was stronger than a Tahtorak.12

Tahtorak didn't need to eat often and could survive without food for at least one thousand years.13

Tahtorak was a species name, not an individual name.14

The Tahtorak was probably the strongest Rahi seen by story year 2007.15

Tahtorak had Godzilla-level strength. He was stronger than Takutanuva.16

Other Information

  • The Tahtorak, designed by Justin Lamb, age 10, was the BIONICLE Rahi Challenge Grand Prize Winner. It was featured in the very first issue of LEGO BrickMaster Magazine (November-December 2004).
  • The Tahtorak's model, featured in BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts as the BIONICLE Rahi Building Challenge winner, was designed by Justin Lamb.7
  • Greg Farshtey once stated that the notion that the Tahtorak had a connection to Keetongu's species was inaccurate and likely came from a fanmade wiki.17 He had in fact written it as trivia in Keetongu's advertisement for BIONICLE #26: Hanging by a Thread, but had forgotten.18