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An evil shadow Matoran, Vultraz came to Karda Nui to aid the Makuta in their struggle with the Toa Nuva. A master of fighting in the air and equipped with a super-fast skyfighter, Vultraz struck quickly and disappeared. A brilliant engineer, Vultraz built his skyfighter and equipped it with stolen weaponry. Vultraz's arch-enemy was a heroic Matoran named Mazeka. Vultraz was a native of the dangerous Tren Krom peninsula, ruled by Makuta Gorast. Vultraz's specialty was spying on Matoran who wanted to rebel against the Brotherhood of Makuta.1


Once, Mazeka and Vultraz were close friends, but later the Matoran took separate paths. Vultraz embraced the shadow and became a servant of the Brotherhood of Makuta. Transformed into a shadow Matoran by Makuta Icarax, Vultraz had been a loyal servant to him ever since. His powerful skyfighter was armed with a Midak Skyblaster engineered to fire shadow bolts.2

When Vultraz fought Mazeka five years ago, he wielded an acid blade that could dissolve rock just by brushing against it. He had crimson colored armor. Vultraz claimed that he did not really want to kill Mazeka, since he considered him a link to his past and a reminder of the things he avoided becoming.3

Gorast modified Vultraz's voice and armor so that no one would recognize him from before.3

Vultraz was originally a Ta-Matoran.3

When Vultraz fought Mazeka in Krakua's village, Mazeka did not recognize him, although he was still recognizable as a Ta-Matoran. Vultraz used some sort of sound grenade to knock the De-Matoran villagers unconscious. He carried a razor-sharp sword and a throwing dagger. Vultraz was known to twirl his blade before delivering a final blow to finish off an enemy.3

Vultraz became a bit more powerful after becoming a shadow Matoran, but his outlook on life remained much the same, since he never had much use for justice and morality before.3

Vultraz liked the challenge of knowing that Mazeka would never give up.4