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List of Minor Terms

This is a list of terms which the fiction mentions in passing but which do not have enough information to warrant their own pages.

acid blade
A weapon that Vultraz wielded when he fought Mazeka five years ago. It could dissolve rock just by brushing against it.[1] This weapon was not common.[2]
A lightweight material used to make Kolhii balls. See Kolhii ball.
"The ground beneath their feet began to shake violently. 'Bioquake?' suggested Vakama."[3] "The Brotherhood had their hands full dealing with the aftereffects of a bioquake that had rocked the universe."[4]
cable climber
"Ta-Matoran didn't go leaping around like Le-Metru cable climbers or swimming in the sea like Ruki fish."[5] It is not clear if this is referring to Matoran or to a type of Rahi.
doom serpent
Tobduk's staff was carved in the shape of a doom serpent's head.[1] Possibly the same thing as doom viper.
feeder worms
"It sounded like the slimy, repulsive sound that comes when a nest of feeder worms is disturbed."[6]
flame serpents
Takanuva once spun a tale about "the flame serpents of the Tren Krom Break" in the alternate universe of the Toa Empire. This was probably entirely made up, so "flame serpents" may not have actually existed.[7]
giant swamp lizard
"Tahu reached the top of the barrier and looked at Lewa as if his brother Toa had turned into a giant swamp lizard."[8]
"Okay, glowfish, let me tell you a story."[7]
"The Rahi Nui reacted as if it were under attack by a swarm of gnats, snarling and swiping at empty air."[9] "Bothersome gnat."[10] "'Gnat,' muttered the Makuta."[11] "They arrived to see the Shadowed One in intense whispered conversation with the Toa of Water. It ended when the Toa blasted three nearby Dark Hunters into the sea as casually as someone might swat a gnat.[12]
An item which the Matoran of a particular village on the Tren Krom peninsula believed appeased a nearby volcano and kept it from erupting. An intact lava-gem was a rare find on the Tren Krom peninsula.[1]
masters of pain
Mentioned by the Shadowed One in a remark about Avak: "Almost immediately, he was a problem. Complaining, questioning authority, scheming against his betters...all of this earned him his share of dangerous missions and a number of sessions with the masters of pain."[13]
A vehicle Matau was testing when handed a Toa stone by Toa Lhikan.[14] The moto-sled was a one-Matoran vehicle invented by Nuparu, who claimed that it would someday replace the Ussal crabs that carried cargo in Metru Nui.[15]
The famed necrofinch of the Zakaz mountains continued to sing even after it was dead.[16]
Place of Far-seeing
The Matoran's name for the top of the mountain [Mount Ihu] where Kopaka and Pohatu found Kopaka's Kanohi Hau.[17]
"I will track-find the disk before you three can even check one proto-dam."[18]
protodermis mine
"You've obviously never been in a proto mine," Reidak answered. "I don't mean the kind Matoran work in — I mean real protodermis mines, where it's not just a job, it's a death sentence."[4]
proto dust
"Matau decided that 'master' probably wasn't the best term to use with a beast that could scatter Vahki like proto dust in a windstorm."[19]
razor crystal
Razor crystals were sharp enough to shred armor and tissue into ribbons. There was an entire mountain slope on the Tren Krom peninsula that was lined with razor crystals.[1]
reef raider
A type of small fish Rahi living in the waters of the Pit. According to Hydraxon, the only thing that could drive a school of reef raiders into a panic was sharks.[20]
sand dragon
"Soon, we Skrall will shed our skins like the sand dragons and be revealed for what we are--conquerors! Rulers!"[21]
sand flea
"You need more than that, sand flea. You need--hold on! Company!"[21] "The Skrall? They're scattered all over the desert like sand fleas after a storm."[22]
sand frog
"He proposed his own plan: seize Metru Nui, Matoran or no Matoran, and from there launch a wave of conquest that would make the Barraki look like a bunch of irritable sand frogs."[23]
sand mite
"Hey, sand mite, this Glatorian just saved your village from bone hunters a few days ago. Show a little respect!"[24] Scarabax beetles came out at night to feed on sand mites and other smaller insects.[25]
smoke hawk
A bird Rahi on Xia. On Xia, Toa Kualus once communicated with a smoke hawk in its own language in order to have it scout over the sea. When it returned, it flew in tight circles and cawed loudly to signal incoming ships.[26]
snow moss
Blossoms of snow moss once covered a valley in Ko-Wahi near the Three Brothers Bridge, until the Tahnok burned it away.[27]
spiked dagger plant
"True, I've never been to Zakaz... I'm not even really one of the native species... in fact, they'll probably kill me on sight... or worse, tie me upside down over a spiked dagger plant... but at least I'll die at home."[28]
stone ape
"You are no more than stone apes, reaching for the stars, believing you could extinguish them if only you could get them in your grasp."[29] Possibly the same thing as the spiny stone ape.
stone serpent
"Reidak's response was a string of curses that could have seared the scales off a stone serpent."[4]
Massive screens used in Metru Nui for broadcasting video. Telescreens were in use in Metru Nui and were built in the Fields of Construction in Po-Metru.[30] Massive telescreens were mounted all over the city as well as in the Coliseum. Turaga Dume could control them from his special box in the Coliseum.[31] These massive screens could broadcast Dume's voice and image all over the city. A massive screen overlooked the Coliseum field which could show Dume's face. Turaga Dume could broadcast his face to kinetic displays all over the city and make announcements through them.[32]