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Ahkmou was a Matoran1 carver originally from Po-Metru. Ahkmou later reappeared on Mata Nui as a trader.2

On Metru Nui, Ahkmou was a builder and carver, very skilled at a number of things but not a master of any. He came in second to Onewa in everything his whole life, and this led to bitterness and resentment. His discovery of the Po-Metru Great Disk brought him to the attention of two villainous Dark Hunters. They persuaded him to lure five other Matoran into traps and to try to get the other five Great Disks. Ahkmou's plan failed due to the intervention of the Toa Metru. He disappeared shortly after the defeat of the Morbuzakh.3


Ahkmou was a skilled carver from Po-Metru. He had always been second best at everything he tried. When he found a Great Kanoka disk, he had a chance for revenge.4

Ahkmou was friends with Ehrye; the two sometimes played kolhii [sic] together.5

Ahkmou was a carver in Po-Metru. Ahkmou worked at a workplace apart from his home with other carvers. Ahkmou had his own carver desk where he kept his tools.5

Ahkmou was a master carver, specializing in images of Rahi. His style of carving was very distinctive, making his statues easy to recognize. On Metru Nui, Hafu was one of Ahkmou's coworkers.6

Ahkmou was a friend of Tehutti. Ahkmou once told Tehutti all about Nui-Jaga.57

Ahkmou had been to Ta-Metru before BIONICLE Adventures #2: Trial by Fire, although he did not know it well.8

Onewa noted that Ahkmou seemed to be more worried about how many honors he would receive than how much work he finished. This was in contrast to Onewa, who himself took pride in his work.9

Ahkmou used to climb up and down statues for fun.10