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Av-Matoran were Matoran of Light. They had a long and rich history. They were the first tribe created by the Great Beings, and as such, they were larger, stronger, and more powerful than standard Matoran. Of all villagers, only Av-Matoran were able to harness and use their elemental power in combat. Av-Matoran were designed by the Great Beings so that at a certain stage, many of them would go dormant and evolve into the mechanical Bohrok. The Av-Matoran briefly lived in Karda Nui, prior to the coming of Mata Nui. Av-Matoran were capable of hurling light bursts from their hands. They were also able to change how the eye perceived light, so they could appear to be other colors beside their native white and gold.1


Av-Matoran were Matoran of Light. The dwelling place of these Matoran remained a mystery, as did the number in existence. The Av-Matoran tribe included both males and females. Their affinity with the element of light allowed them to subtly alter its frequency so that they could change their color. Av-Matoran were "seeded" on various islands in disguise by the Order of Mata Nui during the Time Slip to protect them from possible future actions by the Brotherhood of Makuta.2

Regular Toa could link with Av-Matoran, not just Toa Nuva.3

List of Av-Matoran

  • Takua
  • Radiak
  • Photok
  • Kirop
  • Tanma
  • Solek
  • Gavla
  • Nameless Av-Matoran