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The BIONICLE comic book series was a series of comic books based on the BIONICLE story which ran from 2001 to 2010. Produced by the LEGO Group, the series was published by DC Comics, and issues were distributed free of charge to LEGO Club members along with issues of the LEGO Club Magazine. The series was re-titled a number of times, and the issue counter was reset to 1 twice, once in 2006 with the new title BIONICLE Ignition, and again in 2009 with the title BIONICLE Glatorian.

Long-time BIONICLE author and story team member Greg Farshtey served as the writer for every issue. The BIONICLE comic books are considered one of the most authoritative sources for canon BIONICLE story.


Greg Farshtey also wrote the blurbs in the middle of the comics.1

Comics were given price tags despite being distributed for free to give them perceived value and make them look more authentic.2

By 2007, almost 1.5 million kids got copies of the BIONICLE comic each month.3

List of Issues